Leaves pointing upward

My little plants look like they are struggling. The leaves are pointing upward. Is this a sign of lights being too intense?

Strain: Thai Stick
Method: Soilless mix. 50/50 coco peat moss
Vessels: Plastic pots (soil) Buckets with clay pellets (Hydro)
PH: 6.2 Runoff NA
PPM: 880 ±10
Lights: LED lights from a Chinese company called superbud. Height from canopy is about 48" As a result the PPFD is at 600
Temps: AM 26C PM 27C - But I had a few days where the AC failed and it was 35C in the room.
Humidity: Fluctuates from 40-50% on a given day.
Ventilation system: I use a blower with HEPA filter for air input once per day.
The room has 38,000 BTU air conditioner
CO2 - 2000 ppm


Bro ur light is far to high if this is the case I’ll tag a few but I think I’m correct @TRF @Underthestairs @Deez @dirtydave @HippieRunner @MidwestGuy


Just the opposite. They are reaching for more light.

CO2 won’t do the plants much good with a PPFD of 600. You need double the PPFD for plants to utilize supplemental CO2.

They do look pretty happy.


:point_up_2: everything you need. Lower that light and watch them stand normal.

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I agree with the rest those are your plants begging for more light they look healthy


Agreed. Plants look like they are stretching to the light. You should try dropping your light down closer to the top of the plants. Not close enough were they will burn. Try to find that sweet spot.

i generally keep my lights about 18” from the canopy.

This is the right time to think about getting better lights. Not enough light in veg can be fixed but once you start flowering The clock is ticking and you Gotta have those lights blasting or you’re gonna lose out


So here’s an interesting thing, just an observation of mine. I take my ladies out for a morning blast of sunlight every morning and bring them in at lunch. So they get 5 to 6 hours of direct/diffused sunlight. I took them out this pass Sunday and immediately they started to reach for the skies… I mean standing in attention! Poor guys were hungry for that sunlight. They’ve settled since and don’t point as much, I know this isn’t optimum, I dislike having to move them twice a day. Dang workout.