Leaves pointing skyward

Just wondering why my top leaves have all of a sudden turned to point up?

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I think they are just reaching for the light. What is the distance of your light from the plant?

About 30 inches

She’s enjoying the light. It’s a good thing


Led lighting?

Yeah mate. I have a 300 and a 240. Both are marshydro in a 70x70x160 cm tent

You could lower the light some. I have mine at 18in. Is it an auto flower or photo period plant?

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Both photo from a bag I bought

Nice looking plants for bag seed. Lower the light and keep an eye on them. A lot of times they are just stretching for the light like that. When the lights go out they usually go back to normal. Check on them when the lights have been out. In the am before your lights come on. I’d bet they would be normal. Happy growing and good luck!

Cheers. I’ll lower them bit by bit tonight. My lights are on at night to try help reduce the heat during our extremely hot days :+1:t2:

This is the other bagseed plant.

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Leaves pointing up like that is not a good thing. It means it’s stressed somehow. Your lights are pretty high up, so could be a heat issue

Yeah. I was worried about that. It gets up to 44’C in my tent during the day.

I always thought ‘praying leaves’ were happy leaves???


How is your air circulation?

Yeah, that’s what I thought too, but apparently it means too much light or some other stress

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I have a 4 inch exhaust fan and two USB fans inside. I also have a mist machine to keep the RH up at around 75%

This is my setup. Only two of these are staying inside. The rest will go outdoors when it get too crowded

Do you have the ability to control the intensity of your lights? They might be too bright. You could try dropping down to one light during the veg period if you can not decrease the intensity. I don’t think its a temp issue, although 26c is a bit warm, but not extreme. It seems you have plenty of air circulation and exchange. I think it’s a light intensity issue. I run my lights at 1/2 of their capacity until they are a month or so old. Then I turn them up little by little.