Leaves on bud sites

Good evening all I have a big question I am a new grower. I believe I read on this site somewhere you were to take all the leaves growing out of the bud fight along with a co-worker where the buds are growing I hope that’s right cuz I did half of my plant one thing I did find out it’s very sticky already took me awhile to get it off my fingers just some pulling the leaves off please let me know on this before I do the other half I really hope his plant comes out well thanks for your help

Dont remove leaves from buds/colas
If you want to you can remove those underneath, but its not necessary.
Do keep it where air can freely flow and keep the buds dry.

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Thanks for the help


You can remove leaves when you are preparing her for harvest. I take off a lot of the leaves with stems from the bud. I keep the sugar leaves and some of the smaller fan leaves to slow down the dry time.
Plants look good.

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i am not sure when will be ready for harvest i did half of the plant all the 5 finger leaves hope it will be ok one thing i can tell ya is that it was very stickey just from the leaves thanks

I agree with leaving the leaves alone. That’s the solar panels that keep it growing and healthy.