Leaves of seedlings turning yellowish with whitish spots


Hey, guys, it’s time to replant the other girls too, the ones that are in coco. Can I just go ahead and replant them in FFOF? @GrowManFitz @BIGE @latewood . @bob31 @ktreez420 Thanks!


You should be able to transplant them with no problem. The issue would be trying to go from soil to coco/soiless/hydro… that’s more difficult to do.

Just take the whole rootball, coco and all, and transplant right into the FFOF. Then water with plain pH’d water (maybe add some SuperThrive or root stimulator). You shouldn’t have to feed them for 2 - 3 weeks after transplanting.


Thank you so much, GMF I had no idea just how to go about it. I do have some SuperThrive. I didn’t know I wouldn’t have to feed them for 2-3 weeks. The water should be PHed to 6.5… right?


sure 6.5 will work!


Help, again! It seems like I just can’t stay out of trouble! The very tips of this gal are turning yellow and I can’t find this in symptoms. It shows this in zink deficiency but her new growth is not yellow. Can you guys tell me what’s wrong? This is the WW that has been in FFOF since she was a tiny seedling. I just transplanted her 8 days ago to a 5gal container, and have not fed her yet as she still had a green feed leaf. The other one has started to yellow, so I’m sure she is getting where she needs to be fed. It’s surprising as big as she is and she is about 34 days old today that she has not lost her feeder leaves yet. Isn’t that kinda unusual? Should I begin feeding her?

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@Lornakins do you have a support ticket for this issue? Is it old or new? If it’s new we would really like to have a support ticket so we can figure out what’s going on.


This is a new problem, Bob.

Strain; White Widow photo

Soil in fabric pot: FFOF

System type? NA

PH of runoff or solution in reservoir? Haven’t tested yet. Just giving her PHed water at 6.5

What is strength of nutrient mix? Not fed yet.

Indoor but want to move outdoors as soon as she is ready.

Light system, size? 600 watt MH

Temps; 77-81 F

Humidity; 40-50%

Ventilation system; Overhead fans

AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier; A/C

Co2; NA


Do you see the leaves that are folding up like a taco shell? That is a sign of stress. Normal from high heat. I see you have 77-81 which is a touch high but how far away is your light? Check the manufacturer specs to be sure you aren’t too close. You may also may want to consider adding a small clip on fan above the canopy to help move the air around.

What watering practice do you follow? Where does you water come from? Have you checked the pH of your runoff? @Lornakins


She could be adjust to a stronger soil which may her her over fertilized just for now, shell bounce back


@Lornakins This is the one that’s been in FFOF from the start right? I would start feeding her at 1/4 strength. Also, when you feed her, be sure to check the pH of your runoff so you know if you need to make adjustments next time. It’s really the runoff that you want as close to 6.5 as possible.


I have noticed that the leaves are folding up a little bit. @GrowManFitz posted a chart for me way up the comments on May the 29th for the distance they should be from the MH 600 Watt light. Back then, I had it at 36" so I moved it down to 24" as per the chart. The A/C in the little room where I have them runs all the time and keeps the room temp at 70° but it ranges from 75-81 under the light. The overhead ceiling fan keeps them all moving slightly so maybe I need to add another fan lower. Since I put her in the 5-gal fabric pot, I have only had to water her about every 6 days. I haven’t checked the runoff PH since I put her in that bigger container. I did check it when it was in the small pot and it was always right on.
@GrowManFitz, yes this is the one that has always been in the FFOF since she was started in the little peat pod and was big enough to put in the little 4x4" pot. She has done so much better than the others that I put in coco, I will never mess with coco again. She is twice as big as the others and is a week younger than they are. The ones in coco were what prompted me to start this post, as they were all doing awful. But thanks to all you guys, now they are looking pretty good. Ok, I will start feeding her at 1/4 strength. I sure hope she will pull out of this @Majiktoker, as she was the only one that was looking great until she needed replanted and after I put her in the 5-gal container, her growth took off like a ‘weed’… lol! Then she got those yellow tips on some of her leaves and my heart sunk.
How big do they have to be before they can be put outside permanently? I want to put 4 of them ouside, as I only have room for 2 under the light. It was fine while they were small, but only 2 bigger ones will fit under it.
Thanks so much, guys! :sunglasses:
Oh, and @bob31 the water is rainwater that I collect in a big plastic barrel.


You can put them outside as seedlings, however the bigger you get them the less likely they’ll be damaged by strong winds and other types of nature


I had put them outside as seedlings and everyone said that they were too little for all the sun they were getting and that that’s what was wrong with them. So I brought them back in. I was putting them outside during the day and bringing them in at night. A question here: when I do put them outside, I won’t be able to control the PH except when I feed them. We get a lot of rain here, as I live in the midsouth. Also, it gets very hot in the summer. Is that going to be a problem? And when I first start putting them out, should I just put them out for a few hours a day and bring them in the rest of the day and night, to get them acclimated to being outside in the sun?


No put them out the entire day, and I disagree with putting seedlings outside, you are are able to as long as you can keep track of them otherwise veg stage is perfect to put them out.

As seedling go outside their biggest challenge will be surviving pests heavy winds and rains


Yes, the heavy winds is what worries me. They will all be in moveable contaiers (so I can hide them when needed) so I guess when I know a storm is coming, I can move them to protection. But I can’t move them out of the rain all the time. They will have to get used to rain. I am hoping I can control pests.


They do fine in the rain, especially as they grow, the bigger they get The better they’ll do, if you get hail alot or at all thats always devastating no matter the size


Ok, that sounds good! I usually know when it’s bad enough to expect hail so I can move them to protection when I think that will happen. How do you handle the feeding schedule when they are outside getting rain on a regular basis? Do I feed them even though they are already wet from rain? And do I still have to worry about the PH, or can I just mix the nutes with rainwater as I have been doing?


I usually tend not to feed my outdoor plants unless they absolutely need it. The earth, environment, and atmosphere provide all elements for the plant, nitrogen will come from storms or rain water, phosphorus comes from rich soil so does iron and zinc, etc etc all elements needed to grow a plant primary, secondary, or trace elements can all be found in outdoor grows ( thats why I personally find no need to feed them they thrive and do great on their own with a little bit of water).

Depending on where you live will depend on evaporation pressure, this will determine how much they will eat or drink being outside, the faster they dry up this will tell you, you have a high evaporation pressure meaning they will tend to eat and drink more than usual. Outside this is typically usual inside this can lead to health problems.

So to determine if they are ready, if possible lift the pots if they are light they are ready for water, if they still have weight behind them than they can hold off until they are dry and have minimal to no weight

So if they are wet from the rain let them dry up first. Being said your still in pots id at least watch it once a week


Ok, thanks! Here are some pictures of them today. Can you tell me if they look big enough to put outside now?

The one on the left is the one in question with the yellow tips on the leaves. It is the one that has always been in FFOF, and is a week younger than the others. If you scroll up to June 5 you can see how it looked when I first transplanted it 8 days ago. It has grown a lot since then and I thought it was doing fantastic till I noticed the yellow tips. Maybe this one can be put outside now, and the others in a few days? The other 2 in the fabric pots I just transplanted yesterday. I ran out of FFOF and can’t get more till tomorrow for the other 2.

These are the 2 that I just transplanted yesterday

These are the 2 still in coco that I will transplant when I get more FFOF tomorrow. The tiny one is one that I was sure had died but the stem was still green so I didn’t give up on it, and sure enough, it is putting on tiny new leaves. It may still not do any good, but it is alive and trying to grow.

This is the one on the left in the upper photo that has done so well because it was in FFOF to start. This shows the yellowing tips of the leaves.


Yes they are definitely big enough right now to put outside