Leaves of seedlings turning yellowish with whitish spots


Yes, I knew what an auto was and a photo is one that goes through photosynthesis according to light hours. I just didn’t quite understand what you meant by photo period, unless it was that. I got it now. :grinning:
I will do the transplant right away. Thanks a bunch!


That was exactly what I need to know. Thanks!!:grinning:


@GrowManFitz @bob31
Here is my girl in her new home. When I transplanted her, she didn’t appear to be rootbound although there were roots stuck to the bottom of the container that were trying to get through. I had to be really careful getting them loose so as not to break too many of them. A few of them had to break, though.

She looks kinda small in this container. I hope it isn’t so big that she stops growing.
She looks a little better than she did yesterday before I transplanted her. I watered her with a full gallon of water that had a PH of 6.3 and a ppm of 007. Plus I added a couple of drops of cal mag and this SuperThrive vitamin solution that is great for preventing transplant shock. It’s 0.5-0-0.

I’m a little concerned with the slightly purplish color of the center veins on a couple of the leaves. Do you guys think she looks ok? It’s surprising to me that she still has the 2 little feeder leaves (not shown) and that they are still green. Thanks for your help. :slight_smile:


@Lornakins Could be a phosphorous deficiency.


I use super thrive myself! It’s great for transplanting. @Lornakins It works great!

I’d keep an eye on the stems, could be genetics or could be a phosphorus deficiency as @GrowManFitz mentioned.

The most important thing right now is to only water with pH water of 6.5 and only when needed and just keep an eye on her. You may not have to water her for a week as small as she is.

It may be a few days before you notice any new growth as she sends out her roots, but there will be a lot going on under the soil. It sucks when they get toots that have to be trimmed, but they are hardy plants. My guess is she won’t miss a beat!


Thanks, Bob and @GrowManFitz.
The Superthrive is great stuff, Bob, I have used it with great results for my flowers and tomatoes for many years, so I thought why not use it for my MJ plants. I will keep a close eye on her for phosphorus deficiency. I knew not to start feeding her till she loses the feeder leaves but I didn’t think it would hurt to give her a couple of drops of cal mag and the Superthrive. And I’m sure she won’t need any water for a while. Next time I water her, I will make sure it is 6.5 PH. Thanks, guys!


funny you mention the 6.5 again. Phosphorous absorbs into MJ roots between 6.5 and 8 so 6.3 would prevent phosphorus as well as Calcium and Magnesium from being absorbed.

They will be much happier with the 6.5

I try to get it at 6.5 everytime and it makes life a lot easier!


UGH, I hope I didn’t really mess up with the 6.3 water. I had been watering her before with 6.8 rainwater. This was new rainwater that PHed at 6.3. I thought it would be ok. I won’t do that again. Thanks for the chart, Bob.


They’ll be fine. I wouldn’t worry but if you think about is the difference between 6.8 and 6.3 is pretty big. Just get a small bottle of pH up and down and they’ll be fine. Funny plant them in the ground and they don’t seem to be that sensitive to pH.


That’s true, Bob, I know people who just stick 'em anywhere in the ground and don’t worry about PH or any fertilizer and they end up with a pretty good harvest. I know people who even do that indoors. They just plant them in whatever and stick any kind of a grow light on them and never test them for anything and water them with whatever’s available and they harvest some pretty good bud. I don’t get it… lol!! I have done my damnedest to get everything right and I have lost one and have sick ones that I’m trying to save. It’s just weird… lol!! Yes, there is a lot of difference in 6.8 and 6.3… I do have some PH up and down. I have used the PH down on the sick ones and then ended up with too low runoff and had to use PH up… I can never get it right. Woe is me… :confused:


aren’t they funny like that. I will tell you that if your ph is close and you don’t nute them too hard you will get a harvestable grow. But if you dial in the lights, soil water and nutes you can get amazing yields.

So that is your difference basically.

But when nutrients, enriched soil and water that the ph isn’t spot on and you can have a lot of issues. What I’m trying to say is that the more you add to the grow, the more important the pH becomes!

Oh and they will pick up soon and start looking great. I wouldn’t be concerned at all!


I have a question about PH and nutes @bob31 @BIGE @Countryboyjvd1971 @GrowManFitz. I thought when you added nutes to the water it would raise the PH. I started with rainwater that had a PH of 6.5 and after I added the nutes, Grow Big and Big bloom it lowered the PH to 5.4. Is that normal?


Adding nutes usually lower you ph and you’ll need to ph up @Lornakins
And it’s perfectly normal just ph up to 6.6-6.7 you’ll be fine


Oh, thank you so much, CB. I was always under the impression that nutes raised the PH. So that clears up that confusion. I was feeding the ones in coco, so I raised the PH to 5.8. For the one in FFOF that I just transplanted to a 5 gallon container I am using 6.5 water. I haven’t fed it yet, as it still has its 2 little feeder leaves and they are quite green. I haven’t had to water it yet since transplanting it 2 days ago. It will probably be a few more days before I have to water it again.

Also, I am not PHing the runoff again for a while, as that just makes me crazy. It always comes out way off and I think I need to adjust it. So I am hoping that it will adjust itself if I just keep giving them the 5.8 feeding.


Ok sounds good yeah no nutes if you still have green feeder leaves :+1:
And that right I forgot you have two different mediums going hahhaha my bad :hugs:


Yeah 10-4
I dont personally check mine every time either only if a issue arises
I’m not saying you do the same only that I dont
When I feed I check my ppm and ph in and that’s it lol


Sounds like @Countryboyjvd1971 has you covered. The only thing I would add is that you should wait about 10min, after adding the nutes, before you check and adjust the pH.


Wow, ok, GMF, I didn’t know that and I always check it right away after adding the nutes. Thanks, for that tip!! :grinning:


Fox Farm nutrients specifically will always drop the pH of your water. I grew with it for many of harvests, and once I changed to GH I realized that it was just a Fox Farms thing. One of the nutrients in the trio pack is actually organic.



Thanks, @ktreez420, that is very helpful to know. I thought I had read somewhere that nutes raise the PH… apparently, not FF. :+1: