Leaves of seedlings turning yellowish with whitish spots


Looking good, CB!! I wish mine were there instead of these poor little sick girls that I have. Hopefully, they are now on the road to recovery. I am confused about one thing though. The bottle of Big Bloom says 4 tablespoons per gallon of water and their feeding schedule says 3 tsp per gallon at 4 weeks, which is where mine are, although they look like seedlings, and even as the weeks progress, it only goes to 4 tsp. per gallon. I put 3 tablespoons in mine, which had about 3/4 gallon after watering with just the cal mag and Grow Big. I wanted it to be ready for the next watering with everything in it. Then I looked at their feeding schedule and it says only 3 tsp per gallon. Now what do I do? Who knew there was going to be conflicting directions for the amounts? UGH!!


Well, I just learned a lot from the consultant at FoxFarm. I should not have used the cal mag AND the Grow Big together. He said the Grow Big has all the calcium and magnesium in it that is needed. He said I will probably be ok for that one feeding that I did, but not to do it again. Also, I need to dump what I made that I added the Big Bloom to, not because of too much Big Bloom, but because I added the cal mag to it. And he told me only to make enough for each feeding/watering fresh and not to keep it… lesson learned.
He also told me that buying their products from any online site like Amazon is not advisable and they are not authorized to be selling it. He said they cannot stand behind those purchases because they don’t know how the product has been stored and if it is genuine. He said to buy it from FF or from any brick and mortar store because they are authorized dealers. That was good to know because I buy everything from Amazon. I will not be buying any more FF products from them. There is a brick and mortar store near me that I bought the green label Grow Big from. They didn’t have the blue label, but this guy said that I can have them order any of the FF line because they are obviously an authorized dealer. Good stuff to know! @GrowManFitz @Majiktoker @bob31 @Countryboyjvd1971. Happy growing guys! And thank you all! :kissing_smiling_eyes:


Ok as far as ordering it on line from Amazon if you look it’s always comes from a third party and not them directly FYI
So I’m not sure his statement was entirely true also
Walmart online also sells them and they are authorized dealers
Just throwing this out there
And I have found the need for calmag with certain plants as well useing the product
Just my experiences


Yes, I knew everything from Amazon comes from a third party, but what he meant was that FF doesn’t know who that third party is or how the product was stored and handled before it is sold to the consumer through Amazon. Lots of companies back their products that are sold through Amazon because they have authorized Amazon to sell them. But FF doesn’t back any of their products that are sold through Amazon because they haven’t authorized them to sell them and they have no idea where they are getting them or if they are even genuine FF products and not a knockoff. If Walmart is an authorized dealer then they are probably sold in their brick and mortar stores as well as online. He did say that without specifically naming Walmart. I do know that there have been many fake products sold through Amazon as a genuine item. So it is a good thing to watch out for them. I just thought to be safe, after he said that, that I will buy them from a brick and mortar store that is an authorized dealer. I was impressed by the guy and he really did seem knowledgeable and took plenty of time to answer all of my dumb questions… lol! You have knowledge and experience with the cal mag. I don’t have knowledge and experience with anything about growing MJ so I have to be cautious. My ignorance already has my plants in crisis and I am so hoping with yours and the help of others on here that I can pull them out of it. It’s not looking very good for 3 of them. :pensive: Thanks, CB!


I hear you @Lornakins my point was the third parties would warranty them but I understand being safe as well
I did find a local garden center down the road from my house selling gallon size bottles for 67 and quart size bottles for 16&change so I’m happy about that
And you did talk directly with the rep from fox farms
Glad they help out so much
Let me ask you this did you tell them what your growing?
I figured they are based out of California so are probably cool with mj questions?
Did you get ph under control yet ?


I did tell him what I was growing, CB and he said, “of course”, so he knew by the questions that I was asking. I figured a lot of their research was based on MJ and they know that many growers are using their products. He seemed very knowledgeable about growing MJ.
As far as my PH is concerned, I am hoping that when I water/feed them today, it will be close. One looks like it has died, as there is no more green on it and another one looks like it will probably die. The others are improving. I’m still a little confused on the ppm range. The feed schedule shows what the range should be for each growth stage. How do you control the ppm? How would you raise or lower it? Thanks!

Sorry, I didn’t know you had posted this comment until just now when I was rereading some of the comments. It didn’t give me a notice for this one, I don’t know why.


I don’t tell anyone what I am growing… not even my wife!! I’m sure she knows, but we only discuss my peppers and tomatoes that I am also growing. I figure, if she doesn’t know, then she doesn’t have to worry about anyone finding out… If you know what I mean.

As for my local hydro guy… We have an unspoken understanding. The first day I walked in to the store and started talking to him he asked “are your plants yielding or non-yielding and do they have a high or low light requirement?” From then on he has guided me all the way… neither one of us actually starting what is being grown.


No problem @Lornakins I understand lol
The reason I was asking is this I was thinking the schedule the have is for Mj cause of the high ppm in the schedule and if you read directions on bottle the schedule has you feeding more
I figured it was because mj required more than say tomatoes and basically you confirmed what I was thinking the feeding schedule is designed for Mj growers not vegetable growers hahahaha
As far as ppm I mix as per schedule full and will feed my plant check run off when ppm are in range I stop feeding nutes
At least that’s what I used to do
I should also mention I will put a 1/2 gal of ph water in plant before feeding her to moisten soil
But if they are hungry I may just give them a gallon of nutrients? All depends on needs of plant
I should also tell you I personally don’t check ppm every time I feed
I only check when I see a issue rising if one does start
I’m a little unconventional in my approach compared to most on here
@kabongster can help with that question
@bob31 @BIGE can also jump in here to answer that one as well


Ok, that sounds good to me CB. So one can’t expect the ppm to be right the first couple of times they are fed. When I fed them this morning, the ppm going in and mixed according to the feed schedule was only 967 and it varied per plant coming out at 287-560. So I guess it has to build up over several days of feeding and then when it gets in range, stop?

@GrowManFitz, yes, it’s a good idea not to tell anyone, but I did tell him because I was wanting all the help I could get from him and for him to do that, I figured I should probably tell him what I am growing… lol!
Other than that, the only people who know are my family members who are either involved, or also growing. :grin:


Hey guys, I need some help with my one plant that was doing fine and is in FFOF. I haven’t fed it anything yet, and it still has the 2 feeder leaves that are still green. It is a WW and is about 23 days old. Here are some pics of what is happening. A couple of the leaves are curling up on it. I can’t seem to find this in the symptom checker.
@Majiktoker @Countryboyjvd1971 @bob31 @latewood @GrowManFitz

Here is the whole plant. And here are a couple of closeups of the curling leaves. It has a lot of new sprouts on the stem by the leaves that can’t be seen in the pics.


@Lornakins How often are you watering her? She looks like she is overwatered.

Also how big is that pot she is in? She could be rootbound. I would put her in a bigger pot.


I don’t water her until she appears to be pretty dry, GM. I go by how the soil feels when I stick my finger down it. If I don’t find moisture at about an inch, I water her. I hadn’t even thought about her being rootbound, so that certainly is a possibility too. It’s a 4x4" pot. I didn’t think I would have to transplant her till she’s ready for her permanent container which will be a 7 gallon fabric pot. Is she big enough for that?


In a nutshell… Yes she is ready
If you only water when dry then you are most likely root bound! Get her into a bigger pot and she will love it!


I’m assuming too much
This is a photo period correct? If so go to a 3 gallon pot first. If you go to a 7 it may take her awhile to show you new growth. If all you have is the 7 then that will definitely work!


@bob31 I was going to say the same thing. Go to a 3 gallon first, then to the 7 gallon. Obviously going straight to the 7 gallon is an option, but I think going to a 3 gallon and then the 7 gallon is the way to go.


Yes, it is a photo, if you mean that she is not an auto. I’m not completely used to the weed growing jargon yet, so sometimes I have to make guesses at what is being said… lol!!
I don’t have a 3 gallon, but I do have a 5 which would be a little smaller than the 7. So if you think she can handle that, I’ll get right on it.
@GrowManFitz if you and Bob think the 5 gallon will be ok, I will start the transplant process. Are there any suggestions for how to go about it so as to not cause transplant shock? Thanks, guys! :+1:


@Lornakins It sounds like your watering practices are fine. The thing to keep In mind though is that the roots are always searching for water and nutrients. The less often you water, the faster the roots will grow in search of water. I believe that’s what @bob31 was getting at when he said, “If you only water when dry then you are most likely root bound!” Of course, you don’t want to underwater either… that’s just as bad as over watering.


So the 5-gallon container will be ok? I wish I had a 3 but darn it, I don’t. :disappointed:


Yes and droopy leaves are usually over or under watering and it sounds like that isn’t the case the next thing is pot size and you’re maxed out I believe.

I think the 5 will be ok. Better than a 7 for now. @GrowManFitz you agree??(Nice job ! !)

@Lornakins autos are auto flowering. If the plants flower based on lighting then they are designated photoperiods.


Yes, the 5 gallon will be ok. Fill it 3/4 full. Do not pack the soil down. Lift her out of her current pot and gently massage the root ball a little to loosen it up some. Place her in the center of the new pot and pour soil around the root ball til about a half inch above the roots. Water until you get runoff.