Leaves of seedlings turning yellowish with whitish spots


Looks like you got some great help from the others sorry I was late to the party


Ok, guys, please help me out here, with how to do this. I will be receiving the Cal Mag, the Grow Big, and the Big Bloom today and I need your advice on how to begin. I couldn’t find the Big Bloom (FF) in hydroponics from FF. Does it make a difference? Apparently, it does for the Grow Big and I’m getting that. I already have the green label for the one in FFOF but I will be getting the blue label for the 5 that are in coco today. Plus the cal mag is for hydroponics. But I need you guys to tell me how much to start with. I want to do it right and I know you guys can tell me how to do that. I really appreciate your help. @bob31 @Countryboyjvd1971 @GrowManFitz @BIGE @latewood :grinning:


I’m a soil grower so I will step back but a couple tags… @Donaldj @B345T


yes using soil grow in coco… normally its just a question of doubling up on feed amounts least that’s the case in the uk from what i have seen and learnt, just start of as the bottle says on the grow and bloom when you get to that, using what it says on the bottle for a few days then slowly start to increase the amounts til you hit double… that’s my opinion at least I’m sure the smart guys will have the whole PPM measured and no doubt have a much more accurate way of doing things, me i just wing it and pray,
as for cal mag your in coco use it every feed right up until 2weeks before harvest again that’s not scientific that’s just my way and opinion hope that helps some

Donald already been called in by bob i know he is right up on his coco i think


Ok, thanks, B. I will have the hydro Grow Big, so I just do what the directions say but don’t increase the amounts with it? Just the Big Bloom, which is not hydro? Is that right?


ohh if you have the hydro grow then yes do as the bottle says and you’ll be fine i think personally :wink:


I believe you need to get the big especially made for Hydro growing they have the trio in both soil and hydro formulas I don’t grow hydro either and would recommend you follow mfg instructions when feeding
But make sure you use the right nutes for right application @Lornakins
Got to fox farms web site they have everything on there very informative


OK, thanks, CB. I couldn’t find it on Amazon, so I will look on their web site. I could only find the FF hydro Grow Big on Amazon, but not the Big Bloom.


Yeah they definitely make all three in both formulas not sure what the difference is really but maybe you can contact them and ask
Or find it on there site
I personally love fox farm line of products


I think you being a FF user is the reason why I chose it. then I noticed there were a lot of others who really like it too. So I think I made a good choice there. I will see what I can find out from their site. :slight_smile:


I noticed on the bottles of Big Brow, there is a difference in the NPK. The hydro is 3-2-6 while the one for soil is 6-4-4. The Big Bloom probably has a similar difference.


Ok so maybe you can either cut in half or double as need ? I would send them a email and see what they say ? Just a thought @Lornakins


Good idea, CB, I will do that… email.


@Lornakins The only difference between the Fox Farm Soil trio and the Hydro trio is the Grow Big. They don’t have a separate Big Bloom for Hydro… at least not at this time. Follow the instructions from Fox Farm and you should be fine.


Oh, that’s great to know, BG!! I wondered why Amazon didn’t seem to have it.
So I have already watered them today with the Grow Big and the cal mag. So should I start adding the Big Bloom with the next watering, or wait until next feeding? And what should my feeding schedule be? Weekly? They usually need watered every other day, They dry out pretty fast in the coco and under that 600 watt MH light that keeps the temp between 78 and 82. I have to keep the A/C running at all times in the little room where I have them.


@GrowManFitz maybe right that they don’t have a different grow big and may use the same in both fine in both hydro and soil trio
Here there # @Lornakins if you want to call and confirm from the mfg

It’s a screen shot offf there web site


OH, thank you for that, CB. I’m going to call them right now!


Wow, that was really helpful!! Those people were wonderful at FoxFarm. I talked to a lady first who told me that there wasn’t a Big Bloom hydro and then she connected me with the guy who is in charge of the feeding questions and he told me that they usually recommend feeding at each watering and told me where to find their feeding schedule. He was super! @Countryboyjvd1971 @GrowManFitz
BG was right, there is only the Grow Big in the hydro system. The others are the same for hydro or soil. He told me to go to their site for the feeding schedule and if I follow that, I can’t go wrong. I am much relieved. :relieved:


Glad you got that straightened out!


Oh I’m sorry @Lornakins I could have gave you the schedule I have it lol
But I’m glad they where helpful I knew that would be :+1:
I’ve been following there schedule on my grow and this is where I’m at still have about 3 weeks till harvest