Leaves of seedlings turning yellowish with whitish spots


@bob31 @ktreez420 @BIGE @Donaldj @latewood Hey guys… been awhile now. My 6 girls in this post that are outside in pots have been in flower for about 8 weeks now. I have some questions about harvesting them and when. I’ve read that you should harvest them when the pistils are 70-90% red/brown. What if the very top buds are like that, but the buds on the other limbs are still mostly white? I can’t really tell about the trichomes as I can’t see them well enough but they appear to be milky. I have a strong magnifying glass ordered but I won’t get it till Thursday the 7th. And also, should I stop watering them now and should I flush them? I have been using the FF Big Bloom and Tiger Bloom. I stopped using Grow Big when they were a couple of weeks into flower. I need your help again… thanks so much, guys! :grinning: They are 4 Gold leaf and 2 White Widow. I don’t know which ones are which now because the markers that I put in them faded before I knew it. I only know one of the White Widows for sure, the others, I have no idea who is who because they have been moved around so much and are in the same kind of pots. (Smart pots 5 gal)


Hi @Lornakins welcome back! Brown pistils get you close but the trichomes tell the story. If you still have white pistils waiting for a couple of days for a magnifier isn’t going to be an issue!


Don’t harvest off of pistil color, it’s not an accurate way to go about it. If you have buds that are still in full white pistils that means they’re still growing. You’re not close to harvest yet. With pictures I can help you determine a better harvest date, but I would guess you have at least another 2 weeks. Don’t flush, just give them water. There’s no need to flush unless you’re experiencing a problem.

Hope this helps!



Here are 9 pictures, I know that’s a lot but I didn’t know which ones would give you the best idea. I know, they don’t look very good but I have done my best and had a lot of problems. I don’t think I will ever try this again as these things have driven me absolutely nuts! If I get a really good harvest, I will reconsider, but it looks doubtful that it will even be a little bit good. I had a lot of problems with white powdery mildew as I live in a very humid state and it is hot. Also, lots of insects… grasshoppers and aphids and leafhoppers. UGH!! Anyway, I hope you can help me out with these pictures. Thanks so much.


You’ve still got a while to go, in my opinion. I would wait at least another 2 weeks before thinking about harvest, but anywhere from 2-6 weeks.



Ok, sounds good. So just water them and no nutes, right? Thanks for your help. :sunglasses:


I would continue to feed her nutrients since she still has a while to go. Then, in about 2 weeks I would only water

But wait for the big dogs to come in and help out, I’m not a soil guy lol!




I hope your grow worked out. I read this post as I am struggling to keep my runoff ph below 6.3 to 6.5 in a coco grow. Did you end up abandoning the coco and going to traditional soil?


I need a bigger fence :frowning: and longer summer I envy those able to grow outside


We are enjoying some of your artic air down here in the Massachusetts at the moment @Donaldj :snowflake:


Could you tell me how to access the article about what is wrong with your plant? I can see where you give the description but there’s no article.