Leaves of seedlings turning yellowish with whitish spots


Alright!! Thank you!! That will lift a little bit of burden off of me. :smile:


@Lornakins you tagged me a few posts back, but looks like the toker man has you worked out pretty good! Happy growing! :grinning:


@Lornakins my pleasure keep me posted


Ok, I finally did check the runoff of this girl after I gave her 1/4 strength feeding today (first time I have fed her) as @GrowManFitz suggested. She was given FF Grow Big and Big Bloom. The runoff PHed at 5.8 and was 6.5 going in. The PPM runoff was 2080 which seems to be in line with the FF feeding chart for week 5. I didn’t test the ppm going in. The runoff is going into an aluminum pan that you can see in the pictures that I posted today and that is what I collected it from for testing. Does the aluminum affect the testing results? The plant pot is not sitting directly on the aluminum pan as it is on wire material propped up on rocks, so it can drain well. Thanks, again guys! :grin:
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I think it might next time get a clear dish as plants do use very little aluminum (naturally produced from the soil) so being said they use it id imagine so

Not quite sure ill look into that


@Lornakins I would probably find something better than aluminum pans to set them in anyway. I’m not sure if the affect the pH and TDS but they might? I dunno. Have you ever seen the plastic trays they sell for you to put your wet shoes etc in the house? My local buck store was selling them for like $2 a piece. They are perfect to set plants on as they have ridges to lift them us so air can circulate under the pots too.

The 5.8 pH runoff is a bit low.

Did you check the pH of your water after you added the nutrients?

If you need a pic I have one I can post.

Sounds like things are coming together a little better for you now?


Yes, I did check the PH after adding the nutes and waited 10-15 minutes to do that, as @GrowManFitz had said to do. I will be looking for something else to set them in but I was planning on putting them outside, as @Majiktoker said they are big enough now. I will have to wait a few days though, as our weather forecast is predicting some pretty strong storms for the next several days. I knew I had read something about aluminum before, but I just wasn’t sure about how it affected testing if the runoff was collected from an aluminum pan. I knew the plants shouldn’t be getting it and that’s why I propped them up on wire so they wouldn’t set directly on the aluminum. When I put them outside, I won’t have to set them on anything as they will be in the cart that has a wire-like bottom in it so they will drain well. I hope I don’t have to worry about PH when I put them outside. And yes, thanks to you guys, things are getting better. I definitely couldn’t have done it without you. You have no idea how much I appreciate you guys and all your help. This forum is fantastic, and you guys are what make it that way! I just can’t thank you enough!! :grinning: :+1:


haahaha @Lornakins no problem then font worry about the pans. I forgot that you said that earlier!

And yes you still have to pH your water!


If they’re going to be outside getting rained on, I will still have to PH the water that I give them? I will be watering them with rain water when I have to water them. It rains here quite frequently, though.


If they’re potted and outdoors, obviously you can’t pH the actual rain. But if you’re gonna water her you should at least check the pH occasionally. I wouldn’t water them from the hose. Between the Chlorine or Chlormamine (sp) and the pH they wouldn’t be happy.

Where the pH really comes into play is when you feed them nutrients! @Lornakins


I’m with @bob31
If your keeping them in pots you’ll still need to ph water and nutrients mix
If you putting them in the ground then you won’t need to worry about run off but I would still keep water in phd or collect rain water and use that instead of tape water but you’ll definitely still need to ph tap water


Thanks, CB, I will only be using collected rainwater to water them and to feed them. Rainwater is what I have used all along since I started all of them. I will PH the rainwater then, as you and @bob31 have instructed. Thanks, guys! :grinning:
And they will be kept in the fabric pots.


Nice yeah my rain water is spot on at 6.7 but I still check it every time and always ph after adding nutes :+1:


Sorry everybody. my servers have been down since the 1st of June and I could not access email to review all the replies and goings on ion the forum. Everything is back up, and I am going through 5 pages of emails.

OK. Advice on FF. Grow Big is the only part of the system that has a hydro or soil formulation. Big Bloom and Tiger Bloom are not dedicated to one method or another.

I did not see where you have Tiger Bloom. You have to use Tiger Bloom with Big Blloom. Big Bloom is one part of the flowering formula. adding tiger Bloon is where you get all the ppm from.

You do not need CalMag with FF nutrients. Used correctly, you will never have a deficiency. The only way this would happen is if you allow your PH to be out of range. :slight_smile:
Happy growing.


That is a sign of over or under watering. From what I see; It is under watered.

It is not a deficiency. Sorry everybody. my servers have been down since the 1st of June and I could not access email to review all the replies and goings on ion the forum. Everything is back up, and I am going through 5 pages of emails


Yes you can. Good idea too, IMO :slight_smile:

BTW > Sorry everybody. my servers have been down since the 1st of June and I could not access email to review all the replies and goings on ion the forum. Everything is back up, and I am going through 5 pages of emails.

If you replied to a topic expecting my advice; It is forthcoming. Give me some time to catch up. Thanks for your patience. latewood :slight_smile:


Thank you, lw, I think you were probably right on the underwatering. Since I have moved 3 of them outside, the one with the yellow tips has not gotten worse and in fact, the yellow tips look better than they did. Before I moved it outside, it also developed some curving leaves… not up or down, but curving sideways. Is that a sign of underwatering? I was unable to find much on that. But that hasn’t continued either since I put it outside. the leaves that were curved remained curved but no more of them developed that.
About the Tiger Bloom, I thought that was not used until flowering. Mine are still in vegetative growth. So should I be using the Tiger Bloom too?


Yes. Aluminum will affect your results. I am pretty darn sure that acidic and slat laden solution would react in an Aluminum bowl. Like MT said…

FF nutrients really buffer the PH down. Too far IMO. Every time you add a tsp. the PH drops .3-.5

Also; I would not advise running a solution at 2080 ppm either!

I did get a bit confused by your statement; I added 1/4 strengh nutrients and had a runoff of 2080. Did I misread your post?


Yes, lw, you read right. I used 3/4 tsp of Big Bloom and 1/2 tsp of Grow Big in a gallon of water and then PHed it to 6.5. The TDS meter showed a runoff of 2080. I’m not sure my TDS meter is registering correctly. It seems to bounce around a lot. So I’m not sure it was right. I have calibrated it with the solution but it never would stay at the calibration. Perhaps I need to get a new one. I have the blue one.
I don’t have them in aluminum anymore, as they are outside now in a utility cart that doesn’t have a solid bottom and they can drain well. I haven’t tested the runoff yet for PH or PPM since I have had them outside. In fact, I haven’t fed them or watered them since they have been outside. They have been outside for about 8 days now and have gotten a lot of rain since then.


ppm is of runoff and in a soil which didn’t need nutrients added would make sense it is high but if you stop feeding should straighten itself out after a few waterings with just ph’d water