Leaves looking strange! Any ideas?

Strain; Type, seeds, northern lights and jock horror

Soil in pots, Hydroponic, or Coco?hydroponic

System type? Under current solo pro 35 gallon w/ 6in net pots

PH of runoff or solution in reservoir?6.1

What is strength of nutrient mix? EC, or TDS. 280ppm

Indoor or Outdoor, INDOOR grow

Light system, size? T5 6bulb system, using power veg bulbs

Temps; Day, day 75, night 70 ish

Humidity; 55-65 at all times

Ventilation system; no, it’s in an open baseme t in veg stage

AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier. Yes usi g dehumidifier

Co2; Yes, No. No co2 being used

I’m in week 3 of veg. Using under current veg a, veg b, cal mag as my nutrients. Leaves are disclosing early. It’s my 1st hydro run, any idea?? Here’s some pics to help. As always thank you in advance!!


first thing I notice is your PH is a little high, I don’t do hydro, but word around here is you want it about 5.7 +/-


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@Nugs @Ron330 . Thanks for the info. There are so many different answers on ph levels it’s hard to know what’s right and what’s wrong. It seems most I read indicates hydro should be 5.5 - 6.5, so I’m tri g to keep in middle. But if u feel 6.1 is too high, I will definitely make an adjustment and lower it. I was also thinking a calcium/magnesium deficiency but not really sure!

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I would try to get it at 5.8, but would wait for others to chime in before you do anything drastic. All I do is pass on things I have read, I have no real experience in hydro, but do know how a couple of tenths on the ph meter caused a lock out in my last soil grow.



So if you look at this chart, at PH 6.1 you will be locking out K (potassium) and Ca (Calcium )
Adjust your PH to 5.8 and you will be fine. Doesn’t look to bad yet, but in hydro things happen quick so its good you caught it early


I really want to be wrong here , but it looks like early tobacco mosaic virus…
I would dispose of all strange looking leaves before it takes fully on…
Better safe than sorry :wink:

I’d like to be included in findings if you don’t mind. I’m trying my first soilless and leaves are starting to look the same way. I’ll invite you over to my grow log so you can see if you agree that symptoms look alike.


@barry1, so I just went and looked over your grow and I believe symptoms all look the same. I believe we mat have ph issues and are locking out some nutes. I have adjusted my ph to 5.8 and I’ll let you know how things look in a few days. Please keep me posted on your go dings with your plants also. Perhaps together and with the help of others on this forum we can get through it.

What are you using? Straight hydro? If in pots and in peat, how big are the pots. Mine’s in a 4gal container and it has been 9 days since last watering. I moved one of the fans to blow directly on the ProMix to try to accelerate drying of medium. I can’t figure out how to get it to dry out faster without messing up the roots. Maybe a straw filled with vermiculite pushing it down into the mix?
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@barry1 you can tag me in your grow fill out a support ticket please Strain:
Indoor or Outdoor?
Size of space:
Soil or Hydro?
Medium used:
EC/TDS ppm levels:
Humidity %:
Light syste

Strain: White Widow photo
Indoor or Outdoor? Indoor
Size of space: 2x4x5ft tall
Soil or Hydro? soilless
Medium used: ProMix All purpose + vermiculite + perlite
PH: all over the place. Ordered a better pH meter
EC/TDS ppm levels:
Temperature: Day 75-82 Night 70-75
Humidity %: 40 to 60
Light system: 4 50W actual, under 10.5inch brooders hood. (big work light) lamp extender then 3 "y"s. 6500K
Sorry for delay in answering. Big Bad windstorm came through Sun morning and power was out until very late.

PH for hydro should be 5.8 target with an allowance of +/- .3

You should be running a ppm of 600-800. No need for Cal Mag. If you use your part a and part b correctly, then you should have plenty of Calcium and Magnesium in the solution. Your issue developed from too low of a nutrient concentration.

Happy growing :slight_smile:

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@latewood thanks for the reply. I have been using current culture veg a and b, and IF roots but using at 1/4 strength of the recommendations on the feeding chart. I’ve always read that “less is more” but perhaps I took that a little too far!! What’s your opinion on nutrient strengths, should they be exactly what that manufacture schedule calls for, or do you feel it should be cut back some? Thanks again for the help, always appreciated!!