Leaves look red and burnt help

Hello. I am at around day 32. Flowering started on one plant a week earlier the gg. Ilgm gg auto(left)and Bruce bannerauto(right) my leaves are all very light green and I’ve noticed quite a few of my leaves are turning red and dying. I am feeding with the go box with an extra cal mag sticking to recommend dosage . I topped my soil with Dolomite lime because I am using r.o water around 2-3 tbs topped on all my plants. I was initially running a humidifier but noticed it was more wet than needed. Temps around 73-75 humidity at no higher than 65%

Using calmag?

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Yes. I also am running a spider farmer sf4000. With led they recommend a slightly higher dose or at least what they said when I bought the light

Wait for more advise

They look overwatered too, why are all the leaves drooping down like that?

I don’t think is a water issue if anything looks dry

NM it’s obviously whatever issue your having with them!!

I think your pH is out of wack which is why leaves are turning red.

My guess is the lime based on the limited information you gave. RO water may require some additional cal-mag, but I don’t think lime helps.

Best way to test would be weight your pot see how light it is , might need a flush , I haven’t had this looks on my plants before so can really say a lot about just wait for more advise, someone here had to had this issue before

Lime will bring your ph more towards 6.5 is what a lot of forums were telling me? My ph was 5 if not lower so I was just trying to bring it up naturally without ph up and down… I read bad things about the salts in that stuff

How did you determine that soil pH was low?

Were you trying to find a solution to a problem you were having with your plants, or did you add the lime based on your measurements?

My runoff was sitting around 4.8 before feeding and Runoff which was very low that was about 2 weeks into veg. Being new I was only gathering information from people who have “done that” and was told not to ph water when mixed with my go nutes. And to add like as a top dressing to naturally buffer the ph. Again being new I really wanted try something without using ph up and down I have not currently tested my ph of runoff. I planted directly in 5 gal smart pots but was having issues with overwatering

I didn’t do a soil test, sorry and was told to top dress with lime

I never considered using lime as an alternative to correct pH at time of feeding so I have no experience with the technique, but I can’t imagine how it would be a good alternative to properly adjusting pH of feeding. The feedings need to be in a relatively narrow pH range for the various elements to be utilized. Just throwing lime on the soil would be hit or miss.

It would probably be worth investing in some pH Up and pH Down. It isn’t that much money and lasts a long time. I hardly ever use pH Down unless I overshoot the pH Up so only buy a small bottle. Nutrients are all acidic and rarely need more acid added.

Ok thank you. Do you think they need to be flushed or should an adjustment of ph fix my issue?

I think the lime will help more then flushing to raise soil pH so you can continue to use it for a bit.

Just start using the pH Up with every feeding to get into the target range and it should stop it from getting worse and effecting new growth. The leaves that are already red will continue to get worse and die off, there is nothing you can do about them.