Leaves look like tacos

Hey guys Been having little trouble with my GDP strain. I been seeing the leaves look like tacos the past 3 days seems fine when lights come on but several hrs later they curl up. Had the same problem a while ago with light being too close. Not sure if this is the case bc it started 3 days ago And I haven’t touched the lights. I have 3 plants that I feed the same nutrients and I’m only having this problem with The GDP strain. I Started feeding daily since my runoff ppm was at 1000ppm on two plants Two days ago. Yesterday I flush them with plain water 6.0. RO water to 600ppm. Thanks any advise is much appreciated

Coco perilite
Temp: 77-80
Humidity: 63-69
Calmag: 4ml.
Flora micro: 2.25ml
Flora Gro: 2.5ml
FloraBloom: 1ml
Ppm(.5): 600 Ph:5.9

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Why haven’t you moved the light again?

@Zee Had them at 30 in when they were a little smaller.Tried 24 in but they curl up and went back to 30 in. They grew and now they at 28 in from light

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Sounds like 30 is your minimum. If you don’t have enough room to keep raising it to 30, you may have to LST or supercrop to keep the height of your plants down.