Leaves look like it's curling up a little

On one of my plants the leaves look like they’re carrying a little is everything okay with it.

It is most likely a nitrogen toxicity reduce the nitrogen you are giving her stop and give the plant fresh water or it is source of HOT soil.

I recommend stop feeding her and if that doesn’t work flush the plant.

Another cause of that would be over watering if you are not over watering then i will suggest doing what I said above, hope it helps man

I lost your other post. But you need a magnifier say at 60x600 to check the trichomes aknd not to be confused with the hairs (pistils). I know it can be confusing and everyone wanting to call things different names doesn’t help. but here is another thread we recently went through a few different ways to look at it as well:


When should I harvest?

We covered this topic very thoroughly recently. There is no way to be absolutely sure without being able to peek into the trichomes. Get a I’m? jeweler’s loupe or high powered hand held magnifying glass, they are not expensive, not uncommon nor hard to find and it will be well worth it to you to get the most out of your crop. The way it was done traditionally by native peoples with their landrace strains, before “microscopes”, was to judge by watching the pistils/hairs.

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this is like the 4th thread from same guy, with same issue.

I just put up a post on a very similar
Prople. And I believe its the same person…
Need to keep it in one tread


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  1. Critical aminesia, ygriega
  2. Gorilla grow tent.
  3. Was 5.8-6.3 nd then a guy at the grow store told me to bring it down so now it’s 5.0-5.5
  4. Not sure
    7.600 light (2)
  5. Yes, not sure
  6. No
    Feeding them are X Green picture of feeding chart

Here ya go Bluemagic.,

This is what I based my answer’s to you on.
You also have not said anything about your temps
Now this ids the pic im talking about. It looks exactly whats wrong with yours.
Can’t tell the difference can you ?
Move your lights …if you feel heat on back of your hand thats what the plants.

Let me know


Hydro ph is 5.8 ± .3 5.5-6.1 is fine 5 is trouble

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My Ph should be around 5.8 is why your telling me

This is what is referred to as the sweet spot 5.8 some fluctuation is allowed but 5 is low this leads to nutrient deficiencies and could be part of your problem however mostly I wanted to put you on the right track as to what your ph should be in hydro systems.

This is my 1st grow nd I’m alil lost . I’m in my 9 week on the chart nd now this. I think mine are curling in the other direction, I believe. I really could use and really appreciate your help. I will check my lights. If you think of anything please let me on. Thanks

they hardly look like they are flowering and looks like nitrogen toxicity but I suspect you are suffering from Ph fluctuation

take a look at some of these posts

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Yeah I mentioned looks like a nitrogen toxicity

Gentleman im sorry but I disagree.I base my findings
On all the research that I have done over the year’s and this isn’t nitrogen deficiency.

Nitrogen deficiency
These are pic’s of nitrogen deficiency. I don’t see any likeness in any of these pic’s to the one he posted.

I went on and decided to post on the nitrogen deficiency anyway


Soil levels

Nitrogen gets locked out of soil growing at ph levels of 4.0- 5.5.
Nitrogen is absorbed best in soil at a ph level of 6.0-8.0. ( wouldn’t recommend having a ph of over 7.0 in soil) best range to have nitrogen is a ph of 6-7. Anything out of that range will contribute to a nitrogen def.
I have been doing a lot of research on sick plants and also helping out others a lot on sick plants!
Most of the stuff I have learned is from others and keeping up to date on there problems they are having. Some I have learned on my own, the sick plant troubles I have had was ph troubles! I didn’t really think the importance of how ph plays a role with your plants being healthy or dead.
I honestly think one of the most important parts of your growing is having a good solid ph tester, a digital one is the best to have. There are other ones you can buy as well, liquid ph test kits are inexpensive and get the job done if you can’t afford a digital ph meter, STAY AWAY FROM SOIL TESTERS, they don’t do the job and are not very accurate at all. Ph test strips work well, even if you are on a budjet! So if you rely on a soil tester and its tell you your soil is 7 and your having problems, 9 times out of 10 it’s going to be your water ph that is messing up the soil ph check the water you are using. Unless you are using additives in your soil mixture like blood bone meal, and Peat moss those will throw your ph off too.
Adding nutes to your water can cause the ph to get low as well, so its best to test your ph of your water before and after you add your nutes. Nutrient deficiencys are mostly caused by human mistakes,along with to much or to little of the amount of nutrients available. The best range for nutrients to be absorbed is between a pH of 5 and 7 and a (TDS) range of 800 to 3000 PPM.
Having these conditions will help making nutrient deficiencys alot easier to overcome.

Mobile Elements are mostly going to affect the older leaves first then work its way to other leaves and then the nutrients will be taken from old leaves to newer growths…
The following are mobile elements and as well macro nutrients.
First off, we are going to start out with Nitrogen.

Nitrogen (N) Mobile Element and Macro Element

Benefit: Nitrogen plays a very big role in your plants; this one element is directly responsible for http://support.ilovegrowingmarijuana.com/t/leaves-look-like-its-curling-up-a-little/4747/15production of chlorophyll, photosynthesis, Amino Acids, which are the plm block of Proteins. The myriad of enzymes which help the plants growth in leaves stems and the how well the vigor of your plants is.

this is the reason i stopped using hydro, Ph is so crucial for success, and hydro makes it flucuate way too much for my liking, i think DonaldJ is probably right,…whether is nitrogen or some other toxicity. your Ph is most likely the cause.

the guy at your grow store probably implied that 6.3 was too high, true. but to lower all the way to 5.0, probably caused this issue. might be too much alkaline in reservoir now.

have you flushed since this began? one thing i liked about hydro over soil, very easy to renew your reservoir, and get it right.

Will my friend I suggested toxicity since using DWC fluctuations in ph will do many funny things

Yup I agree Donald. I must be missing something here because I dont remember seeing anything about dwc. Other wise I would have brought that up even though …im a soil guy…lol
I posted to pic’s very similar but also very different deficiencys .
He needs to figure it out I can only point someone in the right direction so many times. Then I get very depressed and need to move on.

Thanks for everything Donald


All good buddy always respect the input :slight_smile: just thought you may have missed was hydro since you referenced soil thing with hydro is it’s ph can swing up and down fast if done too fast (fluctuations) shocks the shit out of plant but without a normal light picture I can only go off what I can see.

Ya I thought I had…