Leaves look infected should i cut them off?

Plant is about 6 weeks old. Got stunted a but from heat shockat week 2 but recovered fully.
Im not using any nute atm.

Imho, it doesn’t look terrible. Personally, I wouldn’t cut leaves until I absolutely have to. I’d try to figure out what’s going on though…


True but what if they infect the rest of the leaves?also those pictures are 1 day apart…

I would leave them be


I’m not sure that leaves infect each other - if in fact there is some sort of infection. I think it all comes from the plant meaning it would ‘infect’ the leaves. I would check all the important stuff…Ph, runoff, EC, ppm and also check under the leaves to make sure there’s nothing there. If everything looks good, then I would just watch what happens and if it gets worse then start thinking about removing any problematic leaves.


@Sirdankz…does not look burnt or infected. Does look like water spot and if water is on plant during light…it does same thing as magnifying glass on ants.


That’s what I was thinking also. You can check the underneath of the leaves also.

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The leaves have been dry… never wet.
And the leaves are looking more sick

Have you looked underneath the leaves to see if you have an insect problem?

Have you given them a flush with PH balanced water?

How far away is the light?

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i have not been able to see any insects under the plunt or anywhere. I can’t flush them very good because the soil i used was miracle grow and it doesnt have good drainage.
The lights are 4 cfls at 6500k 1200 lumens each 3-6 inches away.

Still just on one leaf?

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The “infection” would come from something like LSF, and I’m in two minds about that looking at the pics.

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Another leaf got infected

How is your ventilation, do you have plenty air movement as I’m definitely thinking Leaf Spot Fungus now


I have a fan on the plants in a closet with the door open. I have the plants on top so i think only the air on top is calculating which im thinking could cause the fungas. I have other plants and they dont have fungas but they smell of a different strain so maybe they’re resistant? Should i seperate the infected plant from the healthy ones?

I run in a small room, but always have at least two fans, one high and one low, blowing in opposite directions so the air circulates all the way around. I learned that lesson the hard way, with LSF.

You can get BIO anti-fungal treatments, but last time I had LSF the scissors came out and any leaf showing such a spot was cut off and removed as the spores will jump from leaf to leaf. If the affected leaves are gone, there’s no spores, but make sure you scrub your hands afterwards to prevent any contact transferring any spores elsewhere. Also, and it may seem obvious, don’t have your soil/coco/whatever too wet as that can be a breeding ground for all sorts of things.

And, as you say, it can be strain dependent as some strains are more resistant to mold and fungus than others.

Now keep a good eye on her, just to be safe