Leaves look different

just wondering if this is normal or not and what i can do to help.


Normal lighting pictures are better.
Couple more leaf sets and you’ll get the leaves you’re expecting. Some start out this way, but shape up after a couple of knodes of growth.


As @Covertgrower stated everything’s looking good from what we can see under your lighting, they are pretty hearty plants it’s just growing up a wonkey leaf here or there is not to much to worry about.
Do you have a fan lighting blowing on it? This helps strengthen the plant and increase the root mass dramatically

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Yeah the ac i have pushes 77 degree air lightly at them. I only water when the dirt looks dry every other watering is feed and i run 20-4. I have the 2 soil plants in fox farm happy frog soil. The whole room has reflective insulation and i have ph balanced everything down to the humidifier water. Any other tips are appreciated thanks for the responses.

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Also i have fox farm nutes for feedings.

You should stop doing this as you run the risk of slowing or harming your plant.


Sounds like you have been doing some research, nice job.
I would advise against feeding any nutrients while in the happy frog, it should carry you through veg or most of veg.
Stop feeding until you measure your run off and it’s below 1200 TDS.

You could dial in your environment with watching your VPD

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Seedlings need no nutes at all. If you are in FFHF, then you shouldn’t be feeding until ~4 weeks after your last transplant.

Your little girl looks good. A little water is all it needs.

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Got it no nutes for now how do i measure run off?

Too early for run off numbers. Just water enough as needed for now.


Ph balanced water in your humidifier is unnecessary, the water evaporates and leaves dissolved particles behind.


Good catch, yeah if you want fancy water in your humidifier go for distilled or RO. This will prevent mineral build up in it and in your carbon filter as the minerals turn into fine dust that can plug the carbon filter

Ok no more ph water in humidifier got you. Thanks for feedback guys every tip is going to help. I have 0 experience with any of this just going off what ive read up on.

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Also i don’t have a carbon filter don’t much care about the smell. Unless there is some other reason i should have one?

Nope smell is pretty much it. Unless you have nosey neighbors… lol

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Only if your worried about someone else finding out about your grow because of the smell like @Covertgrower was implying.
I have one for each tent but it’s legal in my country, it’s winter and the last two strains haven’t been overly stinky so I’ve just taken it off for the time being. Come summer when everyone’s outside and I’m growing more stank I will plug em back in.

Keep reading up, articles from one of the many grow sites including ILGM is a great way to get very solid advice even more so than forums.