Leaves kinda turning up and they don’t look happy

Hi , can anyone tell me why these leaves are doing this please?


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What light are you using and how far from the top of the plant?

It’s a propagation done light. I think it’s referred to as a T500? The plant is just a couple of inches away. Too close??

A T5 is commonly sold with those domes. Id try moving it up a couple/few inches and get some air moving around the leaves. Looks like heat stress/bulb burn.


Yes. T5. I’m already moving some air around it. I moved the light up after you asked how far away it was. Thanks man. I really appreciate your input.

Hey, thanks again for your help. I didn’t think distance from light to plant mattered with a T5 but I moved it further away and it’s already responding. Have a great day.

Sweet! Glad to hear it helped.