Leaves have yellow looking snail trails?

My plant is starting to bloom and I’m getting these yellow looking snail trails on some of the leaves. I look several times a day but have not seen any kind of insects. BTW it’s an outside grow in a 5 gal bucket.

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sprinkle sum sevens dust all over the ground around the plant not on it or if u wanna go organtic make a fire and sprinkle the gray ashes around the plant every few days


looks like miners.


Leaf miner life cycle.


What are miners and will it hurt my plant? Sevn makes a spray is it bad to use that even if I rinse off the plant real good before harvest? I recently just hid the plant behind a big bush due to street lights shining on it at night, could this be where they are coming from and should I treat the bush as well? Sorry for all the questions but this my first try. TIA

I wouldn’t use anything that’s poisonous if you’re close to harvest. If you do, pick something like Spinosad. Something that is designed to be used near harvest time.

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First I would like to Welcome you to ILGM as you can see there on it big time.

This will help you better understand them little buggers.

Leaf miners

These Little creatures are a pain to get rid of, the miners eat and dig squiggly lines into your leaves all the while planting there larvae in them making it hard to get rid of them. They plant there eggs in the leaves in mid When they hatch they feed off of your leaves untill they get big enough to pupate. Pupation occurs within the leaf or in the soil beneath the plant. After they emerge the entire cycle will start over and you will have a bigger infestation. You can tell you have leaf miners by looking at your leaves; it will look like someone carved scribble lines all over the plants leaves. Leaf miners also can leave your plant open to pathogens and fungus and low yields from the damage to the leaves. The females dig into the leaves and lay there eggs, the sap that is secreted when the leaf minors do damage attract ants and flies. . If your plants are affected during late flowering or close to harvest, please try to use the safest means of control to be safe to your health.


Controls: Natural control for these insects is difficult. You can remove affected leaves and discard them. Chemical control is hard and is ment towards the emerging adults. Since the larvae is well protected within the leaf. Neem oil will work well.



Ty Will, I’m learning tons since joining. I plan on trimming the affected leaves and have been reading about a Spinosad organic insecticide

That’s awsome @Wishbone,

Neen oil works great as stated above, I’m not so sure about the Spinosad though.
I’ll have to do some research on.it for yek

But ya, get every single infected leaf and get rid of them. Then spray top and under ever leaf.


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I picked up a bottle of Neem oil concentrate insecticide at Tractor Supply today. I trimmed off the infected leaves (about 10-12) and sprayed the plant down real good with the Neem mixture, so hopefully this gets it done. My plant seems scraggly now with the leaves missing but that’s just an illusion, I’m just use to seeing her full and bushy lol