Leaves growing sideways


Hello Friends, I have noticed A few leaves on 2 plants that are turning in at the ends also turning brown where this is occurring. Sorry the pic isn’t very good however where the light seems bright on leave is where it is brown.


It’s hard to say, at this point your guess is as good as mine.


MacGyverStoner…Thanks for the sound advice I knew I could count on you. You must be having A bad day or maybe you should consider medicating before you become “Moderator”. If I had to guess at what the problem is I wouldn’t be asking for advice.You should have not said anything at all .


Sorry, that was not intended to sound sarcastic, I didn’t mean it that way at all. I just did want to leave something to let you know I had seen it and was not ignoring you. I didn’t want your post to get lost in the shuffle.

By commenting, it kinda bumps it up top where Latewood is more likely to see it and then maybe he can chime in as he’s better with outdoor stuff, especially when we get a swamped. He does have more outside experience than I do and large agro greenhouse experience and so he might have more ideas about it.

If it is not dramatically spreading and the overall health of the plant looks good, I’m thinking it probably isn’t too much to worry about. If I’m not mistaken, the way a plant grows and has minute damage to certain radial roots sometimes shows itself in the leaves. I think it’s kinda like imagining the branches above ground kinda having a mirror image root underground. And this may be just something kinda like that, or it could be related to some other environmental factors that are more concentrated on that side of the plant.


Thank you for the kind comments in your other post. In that post I get a bigger overview of your plants and it does look like the bamboo spikes are kinda close to those leaves. It could be they damaged some of those mirror like roots below the soil or the leaves could be waving around in the wind and rubbing just right on them to abrade them. If all your other stuff is in order, the PH, etc. I’m sorry I don’t have any other ideas at the moment.


Thank-You very much I geuss I am to sensitive. I apologize for being rude aka a bitch. I respect you and your knowledge immensely. Yes you are right about it not having an overall effect on the plant just a few leaves.


No worries. We can all use some more medication sometimes ;-), me included, lol.