Leaves growing into the soil?

Just curious, anyone seen this before ? I stated five plants in five gallon containers in a 2’ x 4’ grow tent… I know, way too many. Auto flower…

One never thrived and had stunted growth, not really from over watering but from poor drainage, in may estimation… so i needed more room in my tent and took the small one out.

since i knew the pot was heavy from water i transplanted it to a smaller container and put it out side. just checked on her and a couple of the leaves are growing downward into the soil…

what would cause that phenomena ?

IMG_1370 (2)

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You covered them when transplanting. There are no roots, you can pull the leafs out of the soil.


duh… :slight_smile: well that would explain it, thanks CMitch… :slight_smile: :peace_symbol: :peace_symbol:

@CMichGrower you need an avatar bro

@Nicky I’ve tried a couple times to figure out how on my iPad without success. Just figured something simple like outline of Michigan would be good but after screwing around with it beyond my patience level I gave up.

Click your avatar in the top right.
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Then click the edit button (pencil logo) by your avatar

Trim your plants. The lower leaves should come off.