Leaves growing bigger than container what do I do?

This is my best growing attempt so far. I am amazed that plant is green and has the leaves that I’ve never seen in person before. It’s fantastic however, I have a problem. The plant leaves are now brushing against all sides of the 3 gallon container meaning it has no more room to grow horizontally and I am growing in a space bucket so I don’t know what I can do…Do I run and try to buy a grow tent or will be ok? It’s such a fantastic looking plant and the furthest I’ve ever made it with a grow so I don’t want to screw it up and ai don’t post pictures but anyway it’s leaves are touching all around the 3 gallon container. I am using a 5 gallon space bucke.

Pictures ate a must

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It’s basically a plant with its leaves being squished against the sides. It’s growing too much horizontally but it’s absolutely gorgeous. It looks like a picture perfect Marijuana plant

Still need pictures lol

Didn’t happen



I mean absolutely no disrespect by this, but I went through and read all of your topics, and I think it’s a must to provide at least a couple pics. Mind you, I’m a beginner, but the advice most of these seasoned veterans and expert growers give, can be priceless and is based on pictures a lot of the time. Some can see one photo and diagnose almost all problems and prescribe a regimen to correct it. Hope everything grows well! Happy growing!!

We found the caterpillar the other day