Leaves from yellow to brown in 24 hours

My Sour Diesel and Super Skunk are nearing the end of flower of my first grow. Week 12 since planting in soil. Some leaves are yellowing which i’ve read is normal at this stage. Today when I went to water them, I noticed both plants had several leaves that went from yellow to a crispy brown since yesterday. A few had even fallen off onto the tent floor. They did suffer a little light burn a few days ago while I was trying to dial in the new light. That was only on a few of the tallest colas. I also just installed the white fan 2 days ago on low to get some lower canopy air flow. It is a very light breeze. Did that dry the plants out?
I just bought PH and EC testers. I’m not entirely sure I’m testing the runoff correctly. I fed them 6.4ph’ed water with FF liquid nutes. The runoff of both plants was 5.9ph and 1100ppm. Do they look ok at this stage? I had cleaned up most before thinking of taking pics.

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Those are autos the way you said week 12 in soil with that much bud… not my forte but @Nicky he’s got the knowledge!


Just looks as the yellow death has come, how are the trichs… she maybe done and you’ve done well for sure!

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She’s still producing new white pistils. Trichomes are about half clear, half cloudy.

You are seeing a combination of P and K defs along with natural senescence of the plant. I don’t see anything that you need to worry about. This is pretty normal.


Yup. That 5.9 pH worries me. U said in soil. So id prefer it more in the 6.3ish range. Could have a slight lockout. But they are nearing end of cycle anyway. Possibly run some tap water pH’d around 6.5-6.6 thru her for a tad. Maybe a gallon between the two. And try to creep that number up a bit.

Did u check the ppms before pouring? 1100 might just be the solution you mixed and they were starving.

But its nothing I would bend out of shape about.

Now when you say 12 weeks… im guessing from seed? How long has it been since you first saw pistils? If its been 8-9 weeks, let her ride. If 5-6? A little tweak wont hurt and may help a good bit.

Right in the middle of your guesses. It has been 7 weeks since the first sign of pistils. You may be correct about the nutrient lockout. I was just using the color chart for awhile to check PH levels. After buying a Bluelab pen, I realized my vision isn’t as accurate as I thought.
I just started using this EC meter so I hope I’m using it correctly. My ppm of the 6.4ph water with liquid nutes was 320. It was 0 before adding the nutes. I buy filtered water that is already at 6.5ph. My house has a water softener installed and I was worried the plants would not like the higher salt content. So I’m not sure how that factors into my TDS readings.
I’m about to water right now so we shall see how things are today. The Sugar Plum is kicking in pretty hard right now so hopefully that all made sense.

Just water no nutes. PPM going in was 0. PPM coming out was 390 and 370 for my plants.


If the sample nutes were 320.

You input is 0 ppms.

Runoff is 370…

Then she didnt eat very much if at all between waterings….

Can u check the pH of the runoff as well?

Also id probably look up a slurry test. Ur 0 ppm filter water would be perfect for that

@Myfriendis410 can you fact check me here? U know ima lil rusty lol

PH was 5.9 for both. They do seem to still be growing although much slower lately. I assumed it was normal since they are close to the finish line. The buds are still getting larger but more in spots than in uniform bulk. Is that a sign of anything significant? I’ll see if I have any recent closeup pics of the buds.

Crap just noticed MyFriend said u were closing in anyway lol. Dont overworry.

She does look to be more foxtailing (starting new growth later in her lifecycle) so make sure ur watching the trichs on older calyx when u check. Give her a good scooping out for :poop: and :laughing:

I think you are far enough along to let it ride, myself.

@Myfriendis410 I just fed them again.
6.2ph 330ppm going in

Sour Diesel: runoff 5.8ph 1160ppm
Super Skunk: runoff 5.5ph :flushed: 1040ppm

I’m going to take some trichomes pics of older growth. Maybe it is already time. I’ll upload shortly.

Super Skunk
Image_2021-05-22 18_09_02_508
Image_2021-05-22 18_14_20_238
Image_2021-05-22 18_14_34_304
Sour Diesel
Image_2021-05-22 18_22_03_695
Image_2021-05-22 18_23_27_133
Image_2021-05-22 18_25_45_239

I think the Super Skunk is a little behind the Sour Diesel. I’m going for mostly cloudy and little to no amber.

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Looks like you’re there.


@Myfriendis410 @PurpNGold74
I have one last question for you. I had decided to chop them this coming weekend. I wanted to flush them with water for the week and then chop on Saturday. Watering them today, I see signs of deficiencies all over and dry leaves. Runoff ppm show they aren’t eating at all. Is it worth the extra days of straight water? Seems like it’s leaves are drying out quickly now. Or better to chop as soon as possible? Ok, that was two. Thanks again for the help!

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Really that’s your call. You should be fine either way.

Yup. Ur call to make. Id probably be trimming as im typing this lol