Leaves dying

I dont know if you can see the picture I aplied this but the strain is og kush and its in week 7 of flowering and the leaves have been drying up n falling off i know that the buds use energy from the leaves so at first thats what i thought was happening but there are a few leaves that look like this not all of them but a couple of the leaves can anyone fill me in on what’s happening please

It looks like nutrient burn, also known as too hot or too concentrated of nutrients, or a pH imbalance causing a nutrient toxicity or nutrient lockout, or it could be a combination of both. We need to know the pH and EC/PPM at the roots.

How far away are the lights from plant tops? What lights are you using? Whats your nutrient ppm? Kind of nutes? Whats your water ph? Temp/humidity? Lots of variables here so the more info you can give the better! At first glance it appears that your lights may be too close. Then I noticed that you have lower fan leafs with the same issue, so Im not going so much with that being the suspect. Most peoples next thought with the way it looks that it may be Cal deficiency…but they arent quite as “spotted” where they are burned from my knowledge (which is quite limited haha). I would guess -just on pictures alone- that you have a Boron deficiency. -HR

Yup, boron deficiency could be correct, maybe cal-mag deficiency, or maybe combination of numerous deficiencies. And I’m betting it is due to pH lockout.

the ph is a little bit over 7 my meter is not digital and im using 600 watt hps light and its set on 75% for 2 plants and the nutes im useing is roberts booster im using the mass booster at this point in time of the grow 1ml fir every liter and the light is about 25 inches from the tops and i did have some complications befor with this plant it wen straight into flowering after 4 week veg without me switching the light to 12/12 and they are not autos so tha confused me and i give it nutes every friday and im watering it almost everyday because it needs it the soil dries up the very next day and the room temps ranges to 77 to 82 degrees and nights ranges from 62 to 66

Yes a pH above 7 is way too high. And the plant probably was not flowering after 4 weeks of veg, you were probably seeing a type of aggressive pre-flowering that some strains exhibit and if you left the lights at say 18/6 you would have noticed no swelling of buds, nor significant shortening of internodal spacing, only pre-flowers at the nodes. But then again you might have got some autoflower genetics by accident, I can’t rule that out entirely.

And we could still need to know the EC/TDS/PPM in the growing media, an idea of what is going on at the root zone, the nutrient concentration or accumulation could still be a contributing factor.

honest i dont know wat that is realy the only thing i know about the soil is that its ph is a little bit over 7 and the temp is in the low 60s

Check out this article on Robert’s blog. http://www.ilovegrowingmarijuana.com/measure-ph-tds-soil-regularly/

BTW, the pH being so high could be the main and only problem, but it would be good to know how strong the nutrient concentration is at the roots with a meter that measures EC – electric conductivity to determine the TDS – total dissolved solids or PPM – parts per million of dissolved nutrient salts in the growing media.

arit well first thing tomarro i will go out and buy all new meters and figure all that out but for the ph level what route should i take to lower it what should i use i have some stuff that lowers ph level for pools would that work or should i go out an get something but yea im still kind of new at this i only have one grow under my belt so thanks for helping out

Some good first aid which might help the situation now, until you can meter the soil or ppm the nutrients, is to get a bunch of water, 5 gal for a 5 gal soil container, and pH the water to 6.5, use a smaller watering container to pour this 5 gals of water through your grow media, slowly. Then do it again. Like ur slowly watering the plant… Alot. If theres a pH issue in the soil this may help it, may even fix it. Make sure your nutrient is pH’d appropriately, if you mix a bunch and use it over time keep it aerated, and check the pH everytime before you give it to a plant, it changes daily. All this i learned the hard way.
The grocery store solution to pH is vinegar. I use it, its “organic”, and available at the grocery store. It doesnt last very long though, needs to be readjusted regularly. I will be trying a commercial “pH Down” product soon. Good luck. And try that flush, itll get rid of any old nutrients tied up in the soil and pH it appropriately. Then reapply a known good batch of nutrients and let the plant try to recover. Something tells me your water is pH 8 and needs to be adjusted down to 6.5 before it touches a plant. Doi g that solved alot of my initial problems, alot that looked like yours. Oh and btw, what ive learned it that a problem with one is most likely an indication of whats coming for the rest. Problems affect the weakest of the bunch first, then slowly envelope the healthiest of plants. In my humble opinion, and being a beginner, the pH battle has been the biggest, understanding it and respecting its affect on plants has done wonders for my thumb… The green one.

arit thanks for the info but i have a couple questions abot the flush, so i have 8 quart pots so basically i fill up a bucket with 8 quarts of water do i put the viniger in the water than slowly pour it in the soil? is that right? and yea my other plant is looking alike now and should i use distilled water for the flush?

For water; if the stuff coming out of your faucet is softened and/or has a standing ppm of 150 or more youll have trouble keeping ph stable. A “Zero Water” water filter works good for crappy municipal water, slightyly pricey however, some even come with a free ppm meter.
Here we go…
Set aside a container of water designated as flush water, qty 3 X’s the size of the container, ie 3 liter pot, 9 liters of water.
Check the pH of the water.
Now Add vinegar to water til it reads pH 6.5
Poor flush water through plant slowly making sure to saturate ALL the growing medium in the pot.
Poor 1/3 of flush water and let drain for 5 min or so, then repeat till all flush water is uused and gone down the drain. Wait an hr then feed as u normally would.
Let that feeding set in and allow the soil to dry before the next feeding. allow the plant to process what youve just done for a week. They should look better after a couple days but should be back to “normal” in a week.

*An added technique is to mix in some hydrogen peroxide with the feed water after you flush. Use regular store baught peroxide at 1cup per gallon of water/nutrient as an extra additive to boost your roots available oxygen. I do this immediately if i see anything “different” after ive eliminated pH and ppm as potential issues. Just an added trick you might want to try.

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