Leaves dying off, possible leaf septoria



I’m new to the forum. I hope you can help me determine what is wrong with my plants. It’s the third year I’m growing in this spot. The plants are just beginning to enter the flowering stage. For the last month or so it’s been raining almost non-stop with very few exceptions. Perhaps a week ago the leaves started to develop spots on them and then to yellow and eventually die-off. It started on the lower branches and then it started spreading upwards. I cut away several of the lower colas with the hopes of letting more air circulate beneath them (the plants themselves are a bit crammed together). Before the rains, they were doing really great with some plants exceeding 2.5 metres in height. The soil PH is 6.8 and the water that I’m using is 7.1. I’m using Plagron AlgraGrow and AlgaBloom. My setup is the same as previous years and I’ve never had something like this happen. Is it leave septoria and can I cure my plants somehow?


I’m not an outdoor grower. That said, you might try watering at a little lower pH. Might be hungry for one thing or another because of a lockout. But the images look like scale insects to me.


im thinking it may be an insect issue also. what do you use for insect prevention?


There are no signs of scale insects.


Yes, there is the occasional slug/snail. I’m using a combination of egg shells, fine sand and actual needles made as a fence around the plants. It did reduce the damage considerably.


I was thinking bugs also. Have to be thorough and look under every leaf. Also that pH is a tad high. Try to go in no higher then 6.8


try diatomaceous earth. cheap and organic. just sprinkle on leaves and base of plant once a week right up till harvest


I would get a 60-100× magnifier and check under the leaves to see if there are some microscopic pests or eggs you can see. Insects are my first thought but could be other factors in play.


One is your pic, the other is from a goggle image search of “scale insects on cannabis.”
I’d have a closer look.


I looked (with a pocket microscope) and there are no visible pests or eggs. I know scale insects, I’ve had them on my lemon trees previous years and I know the bugs - for one they secrete a sticky substance, for which ants are milking them and there is nothing sticky on any of the leaves.


What are the holes and spots


The one branch also started budding and some of my leaves grow mushed up for a while


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