Leaves dying from the inside out.. What is going on? Nutrients or disease?

GSC bag seed
Planted in budget miracle grow feeder mix
Container is repurposed water jug
Mightve received one dose of FF bloom mix but all water before that
Flipped about 2 weeks ago. Was the tallest plant in the flower space so I lstd the branches and the next day or so I noticed it looked really bad.
Leaves are dry and turning brown from the inside out. (In between the veins)
Removed from flower room and put back outside in regular sun.
What is it? Can I save it?
Will do slurry if needed but dont have ppm or ph at the moment.

No other plants have the same symptoms???

Think you may potentially have root issue, like not getting enough oxygen or something. Similar to what you would see with giving too much water.


That would make sense since it doesnt seem to be present in the other plants or spreading. Did I do something wrong or does that just happen?

@Razzledazzle over watering damages the roots so the plant can’t uptake nutrients and water correctly. It looks like nutrient burn as well. You really need to get a decent PH and TDS meter to see what is going on.


Could be something you have done/not done. Or maybe just something like harmful bacteria or something in that particular pot. You always want to make sure you have adequate holes in bottom and sides of your pot. Like more than enough, then double it. That’s why you see most prefer the fabric pots. After that, just make sure your pot gets opportunity to dry out some before watering or feeding again.


Maybe so. I know the pot/soil is crap. I had like 6 seedlings and wanted to get them in something. All the plastic pots I use have lots of holes but the soil for that one does feel wet. I thought about flushing it to see what happens, also thought about just scrapping it and pulling it to examine the roots. Right now its back outside so Im not sure what the regular light cycle will do to it even if it survives.

I cant imagine it would be overwatering, I normally let them dry and wilt a little before watering again. Maybe the drain holes in that pot arent working well. At first I was just afraid it was something that would spread. I have ok meters now, I’ve just been lazy and havent checked because the other plants seem to be doing well. Ill check it out. Thanks for the input!

Every once in a while you’ll get a plant that’s an ‘outlier’ and gives you trouble. Every plant is different.


I got super low ppm avg about 70. Ph came back 8.24 though : /

Not sure how that happened

If your TDS is under 100 ppm (and yours is) neither PH or TDS will be accurate. So while it’s possible your muni water is that high it doesn’t really mean anything to you. Once stuff is added to water you can then start to worry. That low a solids count in water I wouldn’t bother to check PH if just watering. You do need to make sure you don’t have chloramines in your muni water supply. That’s usually a matter of reading the water report off of your city’s main web page.


I used purified water for the slurry. About 1 tbsp of soil and 2 tbsp of water. I thought the tds was really low too. Especially since the soil has added fertilizer. I will check the local water report though because I do regularly use it for watering. Thanks for the tip!
What do the chloramines do?

It’s like chlorine but will not dissipate if left out (which you definitely want to do with muni water) so chemical removal becomes necessary. (pond chlorine remover)

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