Leaves dying during flower

I have been having issues with last to grows in flower.leaves have been yellowing and dying daily.at pretty fast rate this is week 3 of flower.is this potassium difficiency? Growing in soil.(happy frog)ph 6.4-6.8.under Hlg 550 vr spec led lights.rh 45-50%.temp lights off 81 lights on 85.using Canna Bio nutrients!any help would be great thanks20210108_160008|666x500

Looks to me like she’s hungry for N . Did you start your flower food and stop the veg food? If so that’s it you’ll need to give a lite dose (like 1/4) of veg food with the flower food. If you didn’t stop the veg food your lookin at a possible lockout caused by ph imbalance.


Yes just gave flower nutrients last time.will be watering it today will put veg nutrients in thanks


Watch the ph when you add both nutes your ph will probably go pretty low, just get it up before watering. Lite dose of each wouldn’t hurt it much easier to add more later then to fix em after burnt.