Leaves dying 5 weeks after germination

Question from a fellow grower: I am growing my first plant and it is in its vegetative state. I have it under 18 hours of light, 6 dark under this light. About a week ago I noticed yellow on the bottom leaves edge. Since then, the leaves at the very bottom appear to be dying. I have new growth that looks healthy but is there some thing I should be doing to prevent further leaves from dying. The plant is about 4-5 weeks from germination.

If it is just the small rounded leaves its nothing to worry about. That is a seedlings food. Once those r gone u can start feeding lightly. I forget the proper name for them but no worries it will b ok. Pics would help tho

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a photo please / no blurple light would be favourite

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If you want informed definitive answers, best to fill out a grow questionnaire.

Not enough information and white light pics will help also.

From the info you gave us, Iā€™d guess normal dying off of bottom leaves. Though, depending on your pH, ppm, nutes, etc, it could be any number of things.