Leaves drying up on inside grow

From a fellow grower:I have something going through my plants which slowly dries them out and eventually kills them.
It seems for all the world like they just age prematurely.
The leaves start to lose colour, start browning, eventually dry up and either fall off or sick looking like hell.
It seems to affect all the plants eventually to some degree but at different rates.
Root development in the earliest cases is significantly reduced but they look clean and no sign of insects.
The buds are still okay. They look bad because all the sugar leaves also went brown.
No sign of hairs or fungus either.

I’m using full organic nutrients, mostly built into the soil.
My soil is peat based except for 3 plants I experimented with using coco.
Even in the fresh coco I lost a plant fairly quickly.

I use commercially available amendments including composts, meals and various other commonly used items.

It only hits after flowering starts, about 2-3 weeks in.
It seems to hit randomly.
\ Being fully organic it really shouldn’t make a huge difference if the medium has an abundance of something because what I’m adding is pretty much 100% non burning.
A large part of the above ground issue seems related to the lack of root. Several plants have been harvested early with varying amounts of bud development.
The ones with the least bud also had the worst roots and could be pulled right out of the soil. A couple with decent buds also had decent roots and the pot lifted with the plant.
I’ll fill in the questions as they apply:

  • Strain: Multiple - makes no difference (Canuk Cookies, Fruity Pebbles OG, GG#4, Wild Rose <that one was very sensitive to whatever it is>, Gold Rush, White Widow x Big Bud, OG Kush - that’s just now several other strains previously)

  • Type (fem/auto/reg): All fems now but regs and fem autos previously as well

  • Climate (indoor/outdoor): Indoor, tent, detached garage, isulated with A/C and heat

  • Medium (soil/hydro/details): Soil, organic, some peat based, some fresh coco.

  • pH of runoff or solution in reservoir: I measured the pH of the soil and it is 6.5. I don’t generally water to runoff but I did once to check and it was 6.2.

  • Nutrient mix strength (EC/TDS): Dry amendments and some organic liquid fertilizers. A soil test showed slightly high N and good P & K.

  • Light type & schedule: No problems until 12/12. Previous to that, 18/6

  • Temperatures day & night: High of 32 but usually 27-28 Celsius. Lows 18-20 celsius. (That is a touch high and also a touch low but since that is true for all the plants it doesn’t explain the randomness)

  • Humidity day & night: 28-50% and slightly higher at night.

  • Ventilation: exhaust fans and circulating fans

  • AC: Previously a portable unit and now a window unit. (I did notice that previously the plants right close to the portable unite went faster but it happened in a greenhouse and before the A/C. I bought the A/C to try to combat this but it hasn’t changed anything)

  • Humidifier: Yes, individual in each tent

  • De-humidifier: No, haven’t needed one.

  • Co2: No

Just a post to say that was me above.
Here are a few examples.
Some of the plants show no sign at all.

Major overdose. If you are not adding nutes…then it’s the potting soil over loaded.

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I agree with @tanlover442 , also looks like overwatering as well… :wink:


I’ve added some, all organic, sparingly.
The problem is, same strain, one dies, the other thrives.
Same soil, same conditions, right next to each other.

It does but I’ve had it happen dry or wet and I never over water.
If anything I tend to under water.
In addition, it only happens after a couple of weeks in flower.
In veg they looked great.
It’s a puzzle and I’ve tried several places and nobody has an answer that really fits.
I’m fairly certain it’s a pathogen of some sort.
That could be affected by nitrogen levels (N was a little high, P&K were right on)

the only thing i can say is FLUSH! FLUSH! FLUSH!!! Check runoff of ph and tds… let sit 24 - 48 hours after fluch then add nutes at 1/2 rate until runoff and check ph and tds again

Look up broad russet mites… more then likely thats what it is… was hoping for a better result… you need a second look that will do 60× zoom or better to see them… :wink:
Usually 100 x magnification to see them… :wink:
Just look at the buds…
Just look at the buds… nothing else… your government is looking out for your best interests… lol… ya fucking right… :wink:

How do you FLUSH a 4 gallon container? Will it be too wet after? Soil pH is 3. HELP!!!

take container and eevate it so when you water the runoff will be captured in another container. the flush water for a ph that low should be 6.4 to 6.8. you probably will need to flush repeatedly with 30 gallons of water. just keep watering the soil and capture some runoff and check the ph. when you get 6.2 you are good for now. it wont be too wet but after you get the correct ph, give it a light nutrient water then you probably wont water few a few days until its dry.

Thank you. I am using Fox Farm Potting Soil. Is this my pH problem or do you think it’s my well water? Never thought to check this. Suggestions for products to change the pH of my water if needed?

fox farms is good but which o e… i used happy frog… what nutrients are you using

you need to check the ph of the water after you add nutrients to it.

use vinager to bring down, baming soda to raise… .ix in watering can and check ph… order online… advanced. utrients has some… but what are you using dor nutrients