Leaves droopy/Yellowing leaves

Something is wrong w/one of my plants. Its’ leaves never perked up after watering on 9/21. The plant’s growth has slowed & a leave has shown signs of yellowing. I checked the soil w/my index finger knuckle & it was dry so I watered again today, 9/24.

The plant is 6 weeks from sprout, Chemdawg by Claybourne CO.

Grown in 3G fabrix pots indoors, 3’ x 3’ x 6’

Soil is Fox Farm Ocean Forest

Lights are Spider Farmer SF2000 (@40%) & Viparspectra tc600 (VEG75% / 0%BLOOM), both 24in above canopy

Temps this week have avg. 82F w/High of 93.2 & Low of 67.8F

RH has averaged 58%

The plants haven’t received any nutrients, just filtered tap water pH’ed to 6.4-6.6 @ an avg PPM of 135

I took a pH/EC reading of the runoff today. The problem plant was 6.29 pH @ 235 PPM.

I’m leaning towards Nitrogen Deficiency but not sure. Any thoughts or opinions would be greatly appreciated.

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Looks overwatered from the way it’s leaves are wanting to go down. I would wait to water it till you see it show signs of loosing strength by having its leaf stems get softer and limper. Even tho the top is dry, the bottom can still be over saturated. This is most likely occurring because you have your smart pots on plastic saucer that hold the run-off water. The only ways the water can leave that saucer are if it evaporates, if you remove it, or if your fabric pot re-absorbs it. If a fabric pot is resting on a surface that contains moisture it will try to reach an equilibrium. If the ground doesn’t dry out, neither will the bottom of the fabric pot. Those saucers are designed for the hard plastic pots. Maybe you could put that saucer under the metal grate so your pot isn’t sitting on it directly?

Edit: I just looked closer and saw your saucers are under your grate. Is it possible your pot is still picking up moisture from it


I have a soil moisture meter, I’ll just use that alongside lifting the pots by hand. I’m not sure how much moisture they will absorb from the saucer as they are 4in above.

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Agree it looks overwatered. @235 ppm, she’s going to need food real soon.

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