Leaves Droopy 6th Week of Flower

Strain; ilgm LSD

Soil in pots, Roots Organic with Subcools Super Soil

System type grow tent 2x2.5

PH of runoff or solution in reservoir?

What is strength of nutrient mix? SS

8 quarts organic roots
2lb of organic worm casting
3 ounces of steamed bone meal
3 ounces of bloom bat guano
3 ounces of blood meal
1.5 ounces of rock phosphorus
.50 tablespoon of epsom salts
2 tablespoon of dolomite lime
.35 tablespoon of azomite (trace elements)


Light system, size? Meizhi 600w 13 inches from the top

Temps; Day, Night 81,77

Humidity; Day, Night 40%, 61%

Ventilation system; Yes , Size 110 cfm inline fan

De-humidifier, yes 2 dehumidifiers and damprid

Co2; No

Hello everyone help and insight would be apreciated. I water when the 7 gallon smart pot feels light.

Leaves will not perk up after watering so I believe it to not be a watering issue!

There is about 2 gallons of SS and the rest roots organic.

It seems the lower fan leaves are perkier than the ones closer to the top.

I will include pics in a second.


Looks to me its working down the plant. How far from harvest are you?
@garrigan62 @Countryboyjvd1971

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Thank you for the reply! Since the description says this is a 10 week strain I am 4 weeks away.

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I tagged a couple growers that can help better than I . Or maybe @Covertgrower maybe able to help. I thought maybe humidity was to high I think most have it a little lower to prevent mold while flowering. But I grow outside so I’m relying on brain cells that have been exposed to some good bud… lol


your ph good in and out?

Thanks bud! Well i never have done runoff since I was told with super soil you domt have to worry about it.

I do put in 6.5 water though.


I have heard that “they” say that… lol I got a super soil lite going… I messed up mixing it and ended up with a weaker batch of soil. I supplement with bat guano tea for now … and its going great so far.

I’ve looked around to see if I could find something similar but nope. maybe one of these guys will chime in. Id be curious to your run off numbers. … the soil your using is a good one.

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Nitrogen toxicity perhaps. Or wind burn. How strong is your fan? Check your outgoing ph just to make sure.
This pic is of wind burn:
This one is nitrogen toxicity:
It commonly known as the “claw” lol. I’ll tag a genius to be safe. @raustin


I don’t think it’s very strong. The leaves move a bit in the wind but not too the point where it looks like they are stressing.

I wish there was a way to upload a video or gif here.

I can’t rule out nitrogen toxicity.

Well I’m sure my next run off will be off since I added some molasses to see if that would help the issue.

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You can upload a video or pic by clicking reply and then click the up arrow on the right, just below the texting frame.

I need to see a pic for diagnosis. Oh, and I’m no genius. Lol.

None of my videos are authorized to work it says and the 6 second gif was too big to be uploaded lol

Ok, what exactly is the problem?

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I am not tech savvy unfortunately. No mp4 files allowed only pic files and gifs. However, I can assure you it’s not wind burn.

No, I mean what is the problem with your plant.

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If I knew I wouldn’t have posted hahhaa. I included pictures in the post. Are you not able to see them?
Leaves are a bit droopy on the ends.

To me it looks like she’s just using herself up to me. And if you are in week 6 or 7 I personally would not be trying to fix a issue this late. I had cal mag Def and was told to not treat it I was in week 6 myself. @Countryboyjvd1971 is the one who told me so I’m sure he will have some solid advice for this situation.

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Oh, ok, I see now. You look like you’re getting pretty close to harvest, and they will start to droop and yellow as you get closer to harvest day. It’s also possible she’s getting a little rootbound, which is also typical toward the end and just makes them droopy.

The plant will start to eat itself at the end, so don’t be alarmed by fall colors and drooping. She looks good, I don’t think you should worry.


I am still 4 weeks away from harvest since this is a 10 week strain. Am I still ok then?

I was told it was almost impossible to have root bound in a 7 gallon smart pot with only 30 days of veg. Was that information not true?