Leaves drooping in last week of flower

Im in the last week of flower. 6 plants. 5 are ok but 1 plant has drooping leaves. Looks healthy otherwise. This plant was veged longer and is larger than the others. Any thoughts would be welcome

As the plant finishes up its life cycle, 2 weeks of flushing causes all the nutrients to be drawn out first from the soil and then from the plant itself causing the leaves to First yellow, then wilt and often fall off completely …quite natural

the fact that most of your plants are still all greened up this late in flower …have you started a flush yet?

Yes . Started flushing on sunday

It sounds like you’re pretty much on track although you might want to extend your flush for 2 weeks ?

I was going to flush for one week also because I was a hydro grower and that’s how I used to do it, but as @Donaldj reminded me, the soil I’m using now acts differently so I’m flushing for a full 2 weeks
-good luck

Cheers mate. I think im ok aswell but i might extend my flush time. I’ll see how it goes👍

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