Leaves drooping... definately not overwatered! Help!

Any idea why my girl is drooping and leaves are getting a bit skinny?

Def not overwatered and was planning to move to 12/12 today :frowning:

Help!!! :frowning:

Two possibilities are under-watering which at its early stage looks like over-watering or you have your PH slightly out of whack. Your plants don’t look unhealthy at all just a little droopy. Make sure you have the proper amount of water balanced and you’ll be fine. Cheers!


Thanks buddy :ok_hand:

Also, do you think i should lower the lights now im moving to 12/12? @SativaStone @Oldstoner

Personally I think I would give them at least 2 or 3 more weeks @ 18 / 6 . It will be worth the wait your going to loose a lot of your yield . Especially with the LST you got started . Make or just rig a scrog it doesn’t have to be pretty just work . At least wait until it is perked back up so you dont over stress her out to much . Good luck with what ever you choose.

P.S. Just re checked your pictures and was wondering what kind of light you have ? Leds can be put a lot closer to the girls lower the lights or put them on a box or table your girls will Love you for it they should be 20 to 25 inches above he tops not more they will bush up better and the soil wont stay wet as long . Light is life for them just dont let them get to hot

P.S.S looks like your fan is not pointed right on the plants stick it on oscillating have have it blow back and forth rite on them they will get fatter and stronger stalks and limbs to carry more food to your plant good luck it looks good still


@SativaStone and @Oldstoner
You Gave sound advice.
Thank you both