Leaves discolouring - yellowed tips and holes

So Im on my first grow, almost week 7. I felt things were going well uptil the start of this week, everything was going smooth and buds seemed to be filling out well. I noticed yellowing leaves on the Blackberry auto and possibly a slow down in its buds, when I was investigating there I also noticed some leaves now have holes in them. I’m fairly sure it’s not bugs as I’m indoors and can see no other evidence. I do notice that the holed leaves are darker green and glossier. Im leaning towards nitrogen toxicity but im aware I dont have a lot of time left would appreciate some informed guidance as I dont have room for error given ill need to consider flushing soon etc.

The other plant showing problems is the Gorilla Girl, only just noticed this today, Im inclined to say light burn?

I think I had PH issues with them all (Pineapple Express, Girl Scout Cookies and Devil Cream all have no issues though) - I have since kept a much closer eye on PH. I just dont have much wiggle room for trial and error now and would very much appreciate some advice.

11l Air pots, BioBizz all mix. 1l / 3ml / 3ml of BioBizz top and bloom. LED lights
First 2 images are for the Gorilla Girl and last 3 are for the Blackberry. Second GG pic is weird 'Barring; that apeared on it and also the BB which made me initially think it was PH related.


Welcome to the community!

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Thanks! I figured it was about time I got advice and I found the blog posts here to be super helpful so I am sure this forum would be a good place to ask!


You can ask anything you need. Someone is always around.

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@Covertgrower- would you say he needs to up or add cal-mag? I looked at my chart and it sounds like a deficiency in calcium. At least to this one-eyed grower.

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Just got a couple of extra photos of the generally poor state of the Blackberry - bottom leaves yellowed and withered and those weird holes.

Moved the lights up a couple of inch now as I suspect its lightburn on those lime green/yellow tips in the Gorilla Girl pics, seems to only be upper leaves affected , that weird barring on a lower leaf aside.

Feedback welcomed!

Not seeing any deficiencies regarding that. Just nitrogen toxicity which the OP mentioned and recognized. @patchman

Excess nitrogen can lock out some other nutrients that are needed. I would recommend a flush to resolve that. @HoverCopter

Thanks for the feedback - what’s your opinion on the yellowed/bright green tips on gorilla Girl?

Looks like nutrient burn.

Sorry for the incorrect diagnosis. @Covertgrower will give you solid info for sure. Bank on it.

No worries. That’s why we’re all here to help.

No problem at all, thanks for the info both of you. I have given both a good flush, will give it a day or so to dry out and feed again. Not sure if they have been slightly overfed or its just a case of nutrient buildup in the medium, probably the latter as I was very careful regarding overwatering, but it seems like that may be hard to do as there is a lot of perlite in the mix.

Fingers crossed this will settle down over the next week, now back to worrying about when to start the flush prior to harvest!

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At that size I would t worry about overwatering, if you’re allowing it to dry out between waterings.

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All of those nutient issues look the same. Here is the chart I looked at.

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look at the magnesium and zinc. Thats the same picture!