Leaves curling. Should i be worried?

About 2 weeks.in.replanted almost a week ago in new ocean forest soil. Keep in humidy about 20 hours a day, fan on them.about 4 hours day. Various strains. Ph reads fine. Anythi i should be afraid of?

Temp is generally between 75-80, humidity generally between 60-70%

I suggest potting up and watering less. I see algae in the soil. Cannabis should be watered, then the soil left to dry out, then watering again.

Cannabis isn’t really a windowsill plant. Do you plan on putting those outside?


How are you reading their pH? And what is “fine”? I’m thinking you should be afraid of your pH meter but I may be jumping to conclusions.



Those are also both excellent points.


Good question. pH going in isn’t always the same as that coming out if you are feeding nutrients.

Ill be putting outside starting memorial day, as NY temps are rough until then


Ph is right around 7. Dont have digital.so hard to know exact

Around 7 is ok if it’s under. Over 7 and you can end up with issues. Highly suggest and Apera or BlueLab digital pH meter. Both make quality equipment. Proper pH range is important so that the roots can uptake what the plant needs.

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