Leaves curling.Is this normal

So I checked my plants yesterday and noticed some of the small sugar leaves growing from the flowers have a pretty bad downward curl to them but none of the other big leaves are doing it.is this normal or am I having some sort of issue.pH at the root zone is 6.3,also last feeding was 2 days ago using fox farm nutrients with a tds of 1200,Temps are 78* with light on and 69* with light off,any help or advice will be much appreciated.

Everything seems to be in order. What item thinking is your last feeding two days ago would be about right for things to show up.
Maybe you over did the feeding a little to much.
After a few watering you very well may see your plant come out of it.

B Safe

Back off the Nitrogen a bit.

Exactly what Foxfarm nutes are you using?

I have the dirty dozen pack,last feeding was 3tsp/gal of big bloom,1tsp/gal of grow big,2tsp/gal of Tiger bloom,1tsp/gal of boomerang,0.5tsp/gal of microbe brew,3tsp/gal of bembe,0.25 tsp/gal of cha ching,it also called for the foliar spray but I chose not to use it

WoW. That sure is alot to keep up with.
To easy to make a mistake I would think.
With so much going on its kinda hard to say for me anyway.

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Yea man its definetly a lot to keep up with but it came with a feeding schedule so that made it a tad easier.I plan on trying the general hydroponics 3 part in the way latewood posted a while back

It’s all trial an era I suppose. Useing the ph perfect nutrients and everything looks awesome…knock on wood…lol

B Safe

OK. Now I can make an informed reply. I think that if you compare all the minerals of each element (nutrient, additive); You will find that you are over-lapping and providing too much of some minerals.

This is a common mistake growers make after reading “all the hype” about how much they will yield if they buy 7 different products. Live and learn. :smile:

Read the labels and determine which additive/s you can do without. Peace :slight_smile:

Thanks man I greatly appreciate your advice,I took some time to study all the nutrients and additives and I’m pretty sure I know what I did wrong.just like you said everything together was adding too much nitrogen

There you go. I think you will see healthy progress.

What’s wrong I’m a first time grower I only know how to smoke it but I need help please