Leaves Curling During Flowering

OK - I need help! I’m thinking I’ve overdone something. THIS IS MY FIRST GROW. I AM 23 DAYS INTO 12:12 FLOWER.

I pruned back last Thursday based on a number of photos I received and researched. But I hope I didn’t go “too crazy”.

I also did a Fox Farm Sledgehammer Flush on Saturday. (been feeding FF Trio) It was the first time I have flushed. After flushing I flushed each plant with PH 6.5 until the run off water coming out of the fabric planters was coming out mostly clear. (Each plant probably received about 3-4 liters of final flush out clean water.). I AM TRYING TO LET THE SOIL AIR OUT AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. I am growing in FF soil.

I cleaned out the tent. But obviously the fabric containers remain wet. Which I assume creates more humidity. I have the fabric containers sitting on the floor of the tent. Is that ok or is there another “thing” that I missed when trying to figure out how to grow?

I have a small dehumidifier in the tent. It seems to collect water - but it also creates heat. I feel like the humidity is still too high, but what can I do? The air coming into the tent is obviously air from inside my house. In Missouri.

Currently it is Monday. Two days after the FLUSH. Five days after I pruned.

THIS MORNING - I OPENED THE TENT - and the leaves on my LSD Plants (the taller ones on the left side of tent) look like they are still doing ok. BUT the Gold Leaf plants (shorter ones on the right side of tent with the curled leaves) look like they are really suffering. My guess is maybe with the pruning and the flush I actually allowed them to suddenly get hit with too much NITROGEN? Or is there something else doing this? What can I do?

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Raise your pots off the ground with something that let’s them drain otherwise they sit there and soak.
Bricks with oven racks or pvc whatever you can build/find many do many different things just make it short enough to not restrict your height but Tal enough you can put a container under to collect run off.

What’s the temp and whats your humidity?

To reduce humidity you can crank your exhaust fan, hopefully your exhaust is actually exhausting outside your house right?

Yes exhaust is exhausting outside of the house. I’ve ordered another exhaust fan to help move the air a bit faster out of the tent. THANK YOU for the tip about the bricks!

Temp is 74 at the top of the SCROG net. But up in the air by the lights it is about 77. Soil is about 68.

Humidity is 47.

Um you might think your humidity needs to be lower than it actually does.


Cannabis VPD chart.
Keep it on your phone or put it in your grow room, this what you should follow.
A tent only needs 1 exhaust duct fan =l

Ps your welcome
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I had that happen to me on some of my plants the first few times I flushed using sledgehammer.

I was reading a more up to date feeding schedule where it says to flush with sledgehammer AND another one of their products depending on growing medium. For soil/coco it says to use boomerang, hydroponics uses big bloom to “heal the root bio-culture”.

Since I started doing that I no longer have leaves that look like that. You have anything to feed the roots?

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I will order some boomerang - - - I do have the FF Big Bloom… Thank you for the insight!