Leaves curling down

A question from a fellow grower:

My plants leaves are crueling down and i dont know wat to do…
Wats the reason
Hlp me with this plz.
Light hps 400
Barneys farm vanilla kush
Week 3
Humid 22 to 40
Temr 18 to 24 c
Coco and perlit
I checked ph its 5.8 to 6

Are you using nutrients>? when a plant leaf looks like a “claw” it nitrogen toxicity - how close is light from plant? could be too much heat - if so - consider getting a fan unless you have one

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Judging by the dark green rubbery look and massive claw action I would agree with Steve that it is most likely nitrogen toxicity. Please post what Nutrients you are feeding and the amount of them per watering.