Leaves curling down gscx auto

I am growing a gscx auto on this run. She is 26 days old from sprout. The leaves on this one are curling down for some reason. I’m running dwc in 5 gallon bucket, Mars hydro ts2000 which is 300 watts. I have the light about 30 inches from canopy and turned up all the way. I’m using gh flora trio. 250 ppm of calmag, 100 ppm of micro grow and bloom each for total ppm of around 550. Ph is 5.9,
Rh is staying around 55-60 and averaging 80 degrees in 3x3 tent but they were on my last run as well and didn’t have this issue. The plant itself looks very healthy other than the curling. I topped this plant at the 4th node a little over a week ago and started lst this week. Stress, light intensity, nutes, heat? Any help would be appreciated.

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I’m going to go with lights… my plants all do that when they go from my clone light(low intensity) to my tent light even on low (high intensity).
Maybe back it up some.

Looks like excess nitrogen. Classic dark green and under curling.

I just turned my light intensity down to 75 percent, should I dump bucket and lower ppm? Also noticing the bottom leaves are bigger than my hand, when and how much defoliation would u recommend o an auto flower. She’s just about a month old from sprout and I don’t want a Christmas tree like my first grow lol

Hey @Thecromers your RH is too low for veg. Needs to be around 70% with 80F. VPD is to high your drying them girls out.

Use this calculator to check your VPD.

I run DWCR and i keep my nutes between 1100 and 1500. 550 is quite low. However, i am not familiar with the nutes you are using. They look good though. 80°f is a bit on the high side for 50rh. Just a touch high.

Are you using an air stone in each bucket?

It looks like they may be in pre-flower.

Too much air movement (right next to fan) can also cause the leaf tips to curl down…hard to tell from the pic but looks like right where the fan is blowing is where the curling is happening. But as others have stated, excess nitro will cause that as well.

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I have 2 large cylinder air stones in the bucket… my last run was gdp autos and I didn’t have this issue but I wasn’t able to control my temps and rh…the high was great but not much flavor or smell and buds didn’t get very fat either…I am kinda experimenting on this run using less nutes, topping and lst and defoliation. Was gonna max nutes at around 800 or so in flower but any suggestions would be helpful. She is 27 days old from sprout today

I grew autos once… never again. There is no advantages to them, only more problems… in my opinion.

My autos were weak and lower yielding as well. They were also in FFHF. (SOIL)
Some on here have great success with them.

Going with less nutes is not advantageous. You NEED to be in the proper range for proper growth and yield.

I dont think light is the issue. I think its heat. Maybe heat from the light.

Are u running a light schedule? For sprouts and veg i run 18 on with 6 off.

You might want to think about thinning some of them fan leaves.

Btw… if you haven’t done so yet; think you are beyond the time for topping those girls.

Like @Poseidon1 said… maybe too much airflow. Turn that fan to the wall of ur tent.


These are usually the 3 problems I have run into with clawing
To much light
To much wind/air
To much nitrogen
Hope this helps
Happy growing