Leaves curling down after Superthrive


I gave my 4 week old White Widow a very mild hit of Superthrive yesterday and the leaves are curling down. The plant looks healthy other than that. My question is, do you think this problem is the Superthrive or something else. I also checked the moisture with a meter and the soil was in the dry zone in one day.
My humidity is around 55% and the temperature is 73 degrees. Please let me know if you can help.


If meter is on dry zone you might need to water her
@Majiktoker or @garrigan62 may be better to help


That appears to be an early stage of nitrogen toxicity @garrigan62 correct me if im wrong here please


I already did. I keep hearing DON’T OVERWATER, so I’ve only been watering about a cup or two every other day.


Okay, what do I do to cure this problem?


Yeah I water till I have run off every time I water
Not a lot of run off but until it starts coming out of pot
Then I wait till is gets dry to water again not dry but in lower moist zone on my meter
I’m using 15gal pots so they take a lot of water
I would guess they just need a drink give them a little time and see if it leaves perk up
In that time maybe one of the mods will jump in and give you some advice


I am betting she’s using more water than that and your root zone has some dry pockets in it top leafs usually show first signs of under watering could be some N tox but if your roots have occupied most of your pot they are likely drying out on you


This point consider a flush how big was the cup and how much superthrive did you use in that cup, flushing is very simple you water with 3x the amount originally watered with.

When nitrogen is in excess its going to throw off calcium and potassium so you’ll want to get her some thing with potassium ( rhino skin would be good for a potassium product) and get her cal mag after the flush along with potassium


Are you saying flush with just water? Also, I made a gal of the Superthrive at half the suggested formula.


Yes regular water, wait until she dries to prevent further damage


Thanks, Will do!


@joe1 It ovbvious she had an reaction to the super thrive. That thrive is very very potent stuff if not mix correctly things can go wrong real quick.
just water only for the next few days the water will dilute the solution.



Keep me posted


I wil. Thanks again for your help!


Your welcome my pleasure :relieved:

Happy growings


@joe1, just so we are clear youll use 3 gallons over time to flush


Overtime, meaning a gallon every couple of days?


Whenever you water only though span water time so you dont risk over watering


First of all superthrive doesn’t hurt a plant when used as directed.

I agree with what Donald said above your drying your plants out that’s nowhere near enough water

I didn’t read everything said but I think that most of these experienced Growers would say you need to flush it or water it heavy now, one or the other, I would flush it (or at least runoff 20%) asap with plain pH’ed water

And after this you have to learn to judge by the weight of the pot wet and dry, and to stick your finger way down and judge that way too, good luck!


Thank you! Good advise.