Leaves curing down 6 weeks into 12/12 on all

Please help,

DWC using only Aqua Flakes A&B and Hydroguard.

6 weeks into 12/12

PH has been steady at 6.0. Issue with the PH is that my in Res probes are encapsulated in the roots, and I cannot calibrate them, I’ve been using a cheap PH pen and calibrating it to check res by hand. My in res probes show a ph .5 higher then the pen, but I calibrate the pen every time. So I go by the pens PH,

I’ve tried lowering nute strength . I’ve gone down to as low as 200PPMs for 3 days with no better results.

I’ve changed the res and added a more PK heavy feed by using more B than A. No results.

I do res changes every 7-10 days

Water temps are very above 66 anymore, maybe the waters too cold??

The buds seem really small for a sour D nearly 7 weeks into 12/12.

Temperature is steady at 77F lights on and 70-74 lights off

Humidity is 60-70%

Please help me solve this, as I feel I’ve tried everything, and it looks like my yield is starting to suffer.

My next shot would be a res change and to add the water back over the top of the netpots? Maybe there is buildup on the netpots?

The roots are massasssiiiivvee though and I don’t think any little tiny amount in the netpots is causing an issue?

I’m at a loss

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One issue I can see is that your water level in your reservoir seems a bit high. Optimal level is about 1 and 1/2 to 2 inches bellow the bottom of your net pot. I don’t think this would create your small buds issue tho…

Im at about 6-7 weeks past flip to 12/12, im in a SS DWC tank, and have been feeding fox farms nutes and my buds are getting bigger by the day…

Im curious as to how much you are actually feeding the plant, perhaps it needs more p and k? What is the ppm in your tank? Maybe the feed you are using requires some supplementing…

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But the plant is huge! And the roots look helathy!

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The water levels are 1” below the netpot but they don’t last long.

In less than 24 hours it will drop to 6” below.

Drinking 5-8 gallons of water per day every day.

The PPMs are at 350 on TrolMaster and 600 on aBluelab meters.

The PPMS drop daily, and PH slightly rises.

I was thinking it needed more P so I added my normal Aqua flakes , but at a 3:1 ratio of the B. I still haven’t seen a correction.

I want to do another res change.

It looks like aClassic N toxicity.

However during veg the PPMs the were at 1000 and 1200 and they were healthy as can be.

I’ve slowly kept tapering back to try to get rid of these claws and dark leaves but it clearly hasn’t helped.

My water is 6 step RO with final step UV, normally 0 ppms. I never check it anymore.

I decided since all the issues to check clean water and the ppms was at 350!!! Cant be possible because when I do a Res change I def add both parts A&B. Just like I always have.

Maybe my water source is the issue??

Way to big. Do you see any issues? Could this be a strain related issue? Maybe the buds are so small because it’s going to take 16 weeks to flower lol

It’s dropped 81 ppms in 24 hours. The PH dropped a little because I added ph down.

I’ve been going off my pens ph readings ever since the probes became encapsulated.

I figured I gave everything else I know a shot, let me set the “expensive” meters to 5.8. As they were reading 6.5 for a while, but would check with my pen and it was really at like 6.0.

Maybe these plants want a lower ph? Well find out soon, it’s at 5.2-5.8 right now, depending on which meter ya look at.

If that don’t work, I’m thinking plain 35 gallons of water for 3-5 days. ? I will pump out this current 3 day old batch, and pump the fresh 0ppms water (if I can get) through the tops of the netpots to flush anything out.

What ya think?

16 week flower!?!


Semi joking… you never know lol . What’s going on then??? Lol

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These are over 7 ft tall and I trained them pretty hard during Veg. They just stopped stretching a few days ago. Which is INSANE

Im 7 weeks into 12/12 in a DWC box, 5x5 tent, 2 HLG 320s and I’ve been on a strick Fox Farms feeding regiment, heres mine

Mine is mainline to 8 main shoots

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Looking over all your pics again it all looks healthy…you may just have a slow bloomer?

I can’t speak to a the equipment I have, all my feeding, measuring, mixing, and water testing is done by hand. I bought a nice Apera multi function pen, and everything has been going well…

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Whats your water temps like?

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