Leaves cracking in half like if there dried

What can be a cause for this to happen most leave if i bend them they snap in half (the leave it self not the stem) shouldent they be semi soft ?

Dont know. I don’t believe I’ve sat there and bent the leaves. If they’ve green and healthy looking I leave things be

I dont sit there and start bending the leave just cause … Im asking because they feel dehydrated even tho they have 50% humidity maybe there missing something like a type of nutrient or something else idk

My first thought would be how close is your light.

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They are about 23inch and its one 1600

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A second thought would be pics, we need pics :wink:

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Pics would help a lot, but my first inclination is that you’re lacking in nutrients


If RH would be the cause, then all my plants would be dead. So no, the RH isn’t the cause. How do I know you may ask is simple. My RH% is below 36% and the leaves are green as can be and plenty hydrated.


Thanks @Shortmaster 23-inch not a problem.

RH can play havoc with stomata, too low and they may shut preventing gas transfer, too high and they drown essentially. Though I seriously doubt that would make leaves crunchy? Sounds more like a PH issue or a deficiency.

As soon as i can get the pics ill show you guys but i really do apriciate the info and the PH on the soil it at 6.7

@Shortmaster Try to get photos ASAP. It sounds like it’s been a problem for more than a few days. Only time my leaves get crunchy is during the drying time after being chopped.

I’m wondering if the plant has a virus? Maybe a root condition? Pythium or something? Crunchy leaves would indicate no water uptake. That can happen either by no transpiration in the leaf or no uptake in the root.

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I agree that it sounds like it’s not getting any water. Only crunchy leaves I have is just before the plant is ready to be chopped. And of course during the drying phase where no water is involved at obviously.

You may wish to do a gentle root excavation or if the plants are small enough, take them out of the pots to examine the roots? Roots that smell raunchy or are brown to black are obviously diseased or dead and rotting. Clearly if you have major root disease, water uptake will be an issue.

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Gonna sound weird, but do you have a humidifier in your space? Had a buddy running one and using tap water some of the leaves were curling, twisting became dry and brittle. We believe it was a problem with the mist, tap water. Also really high N I believe have seen leaves turn blue green, get very paper like, but he was also using 2 year old manure/compost in his super soil. Get those pics up, these guys, gals will get ya sorted out!