Leaves changing / Start of Flowering

So recently I was advised to lower pH but i haven’t been able to…I have vinegar to use but wasnt sure if this was appropriate with nutrients I have in there. I have been using advanced nutrients Micro/Grow/Bloom

Can I use vinegar? Should i be terribly concerned with the condition of leaves at this time? It seems to be worsening.
Im so worried to loose the plants!

I have fem seeds, hydroton, ebb flow setup, water on 5x day, lights 12on/12 off, flowering started 2days ago. distilled water and nuts pH 6.3, Hum 63, Temp 73, low watt LED light

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Yes you can use vinegar especially with a salt based fertilizer like that you don’t have to worry about killing micro organisms just mix it well

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No need to be terribly worried. Whole picture, plant looks good! Long way from losing that girl.

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But some of the bottom leaves are keeping wilty and falling off…dont worry about that?

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Diagnose and fix it yes. But no need to freak out is all I was saying. She’s not that bad yet.

Changing leaves again. Water accidentally got disconnected for prob 2 cycles but saw these today. Got ph to 5.9-6.1

Still a little low shoot for atleast 6.2 no usually run 6.2-6.5

I was told here to get it to 5.8. I had it around 6.4 and having some changes to my leaves

Crap sorry just saw it was a hydro set up rip I was speaking on soil

pH seems down, any thoughts on newest changes to the leaves noted?