Leaves canoeing, wrinkled, and white on edges

Hello friends,

I have 2 Harlequin plants growing outdoors since April. Only one of them is exhibiting these characteristics. The picture shows the more extreme example of what is going on - elsewhere the plant looks more-or-less ‘normal’.

  • Strain: Harlequin - from ILGM
  • Method: FF Soil
  • Vessels: 15 Gallon Fabric Pots
  • PH of Water: @6.7
  • Outdoor
  • Temps; 83-93 F Day, 68-75 F Night
  • Humidity: @70%

Could be pH or nute problems. Do you know your runoff pH and PPM?

Ah, no. I wouldn’t even know where to start.

I would get pH and PPM meters and learn how to use them. It will help you manage your plant properly.

It’s hard to say exactly what is going on without knowing pH and PPM, but it looks like the pH is out of range. She’s going to need corrections soon or you are going to have bigger problems with her as she grows (or doesn’t.)

What soil are you using (brand and type.) Are you feeding her and if so, how much and how often? Are you pH adjusting your feedings?

Taco leaves usually means they cant move enough water(transpiration) to compensate for the heat/direct sun. Also be PH as stated above, no idea what your putting on em or neighboring plants. Also neighboring plants can case acidic soils, ie Oak, Blueberry , Azealas, Rhodos, strawberries etc. Can you try to give them some shade and water well. I suppose try to check the soil a foot or so away, dig a little hole with your hand 2-3 inches down and see if still damp. Being outdoors could also have some bugs at the root Locust/Grubs etc, they love fresh white roots and that will certainly affect water/nute uptake… But baby steps in figuring it out, start with the simple stuff first.


Broad mites can make the leaves do that but it’s normally accompanied by dark green almost wet looking leaves

Thanks for this. I haven’t been too careful with checking water pH. I checked early in the grow and thought it would be stable but I just checked the tap again and it’s a little high now @7.7.

I’m using Fox Farms Ocean Forest soil. And their standard liquid fertilizers - Grow Big and Big Bloom during veg but switched up to Tiger Bloom for one feeding around 2 weeks ago. I think I’m going pretty light on fertilizers. I was not adjusting the pH for anything.

I have some pH Down I can use. Is flushing at this stage suggested or should I just water with properly adjusted water?

FF soils usually revert to a pH of ~6.5 with a good flush.

Thanks for your reply. This plant is potted outdoors so I don’t think nearby plants should be an issue with affecting the soil.

I suppose it could be heat/shade related but I have three other plants (one of which is the same strain) that don’t seem to be similarly affected.

pH certainly could be an issue.

Thanks again!

That’s good to know. Should I be concerned with flushing out any of the nutrients in the soil or is that a good thing at this point?

What’s weird is that I’ve been using the same water/nutes with three other plants in FF soil and 15 gallon fabric pots and they’re not having this issue.

Thank you for your reply. Sure hope it’s not pest related. I don’t think it is but will sure keep an eye out.

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Yes. A good flush should run PPMs down to ~300. You’ll have to feed after a flush.

It’s normal. Plants are all different. Think about kids. Even with the same Mother and Father, some will be allergic to peanuts and some won’t. It’s just genetic differences.

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You can’t see broad mites they’re about the size of the ball in a ballpoint pen… because the leaves are not shiny I’m thinkin it’s not mites but thought I’d say it because how you said only parts of the plant look affected that is how bugs work only the parts they’re on will be affected

That does make sense. Thank you.

Should this post-flush feed be the Tiger Bloom now that I’m early in flower or do I want to go back to a higher nitrogen fertilizer?

I’m hoping I’m not dealing with russet mites. Pictures of their damage look very similar to what I’m seeing.

You should be feeding all three at a reasonable schedule. Big Bloom contains the micronutrients that your plant needs through its entire lifecycle. Tiger bloom is for flowering, yes. Grow Big is still necessary to support the plant, particularly during the first few weeks of flowering while she is stretching out.

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