Leaves burning up?

I dont know what could be wrong i PH test before water, Humidity is Perfect Temp is Perfect… what could it he Possibly Nitrogen Diffencincy

How about a pic?

Not enough detailed information. No pic with white light.

Sorry, can’t offer any informed advice.

1st pic Amnesia Haze 2nd pic Chocolope

* Soil in pots,

  • System type 18-6
  • PH 6.3-6.8
  • i have not added Nutes till Today .5ml FF big bloom .5ml Grow Big
  • Indoor
  • Mars hydro 300W
  • Temps; Day 79 night 75
  • Humidity; Day 55 night 60
  • Ventilation system; no
    No CO2
    Currently on Week 3 for Both

Forgot to Add im using Fox farm OF

You’ve got some nute burn from the feeding. You don’t need to feed this early when using FFOF soil. This soil is charged for 4 to 5 weeks of the plants life. Just give water next time, she’ll be fine.

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Yup, nute-burn for sure. Your plants will be able to go a month without having to supplement fertilizers. You could flush with distilled, pH tested water and keep giving them either bottled water, or water from the tap that has sat out for 24hrs or so in a jug with the cap off. This allows the chlorine to evaporate. Test the pH of the water and water once every 4-5 days for the second/third week. It’s also good to put plants that are around three weeks old, into a short dry period. This assured that you are not overwatering and will trigger your plants to grow more roots to seek water. Also, water from the outside-in. Try not to water the stem area. Water the outer edges to make the roots grow down and sideways… hope that helps! Make sure your pH is around 6.4-6.6