Leaves brown on one plant!

I am growing Power plant and Gold Leaf from ILGM. I am using ILGM nutrients, vivosun grow room, 4" inline fan, small clip fan for air movement, Vivosun VS 1000 and HCF1000 for lights. 18-6 lighting and I am in week 4 of vegetative growth. I recently put up a scrogging net, but the brown leaves were present before the scrogging net. I measured pH and PPM today using the vivosun meters on runoff water… PPM 700, pH 5.75. I added some Calmag today (thinking maybe Calcium deficiency) and the stage 2 growth nutes from ILGM. Two plants look great and to be fair so does the third one, but with some browning leaves. It got a bit burnt when it took off quickly and got a bit close to the lights overnight, but I just wanted to be sure there is nothing else I need to do. All plants receive the same nutrients and water on schedule. In the back left corner are my basil clones! Gonna be nice to have some fresh pesto this winter!


What medium are they in Growmie :love_you_gesture:

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Darn… that’s the one thing I left off!! Frog soil !

pH is very low and PPM is a little low. Shoot for 6.5 pH and 1,000 PPM.

A good flush will revert pH to 6.5 in FF soils, or you can up the pH of your feed.

I’m going to guess that you have a salt buildup based on the exceptionally low pH. A flush is the best option if that is true.

@Myfriendis410 are ILGM nutes salt heavy?


Hey @Doctordon are you using any beneficial microbes in your feeding regime?

Comparable to FF stuff. Been a bunch of reports of low PH in FF soils BTW.


I am not using any beneficial bacteria. Suggestions?? As regards a nutrient flush…extra heavy watering without nutrients? And what should I do to increase the PPM? Definitely a new grower here.

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