Hello people just a quick question…on my w.w.auto I’m use to seeeing two leaves start opposite of each other same height on stalk…but my w.w. they go up stalk in staggered formation.? Right lowest left side say 1/2" higher than Right side so on an on is this normal???

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is it from seed? @Gman753

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@bob31 yes white widow auto fem from Amsterdam marijuana seeds…

That’s what I would expect from a clone that is going into veg, but not a growing plant from seed. Can You post a pic? @Gman753

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I’ve got more pics in grow journal ?? Getting old can’t remember name something.1st hydro grow w.w. dwc…??

oh ok, you can just post all of this on the grow journal and keep it all in one spot. Makes for better continuity IMO.

Once you get over to your grow, tag me!