Leaves are yellow with spots

New to growing. I’ve got 2 Bubba Kush in 5 gallon buckets. pH is a steady 6.5. and I water every other day. I started using Open Sesame at the first sign of budding as suggested, and now I’ve got yellowing and brown spots. After reading through some other posts I feel I am low on manganese, and possibly calcium. I could some advise correcting the issue as they are just starting to flower.

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Could be some loss of leaves from nitrogen deficiency or lack of light, with natural die off of the leaves.


I have them in pots so I can move them around the yard for more sun exposure. The cloudy skies over here haven’t helped. Should I continue using the fertilizer I’m currently using or switch it to something else?

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My outdoor photoperiods started flowering this week and received open sesame along with big bloom, grow big and tiger bloom. I’ve used them a long time and I don’t think using open sesame was the problem. If anything, the yellowing indicates a deficiency.


Those look more like old fans that the plant has recycled the N out of: you can remove and bump up your N a bit.


Oh shoot, I better bring my out door plants it’s too soon… thanks!

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Welcome to our grow community it looks like u are doing good other then the yellowing

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Good luck with that


I think I saved them…

Thank you. Still getting used to navigating the forum. Everyone has been great, and my suspicions have been confirmed.

Thank you. I’m hoping I can correct it quickly.

Thank you! I’m hoping that I’ve caught it in time to save them. I’m new to the grow scene and nervous about losing my first harvest. I’ve got several in the infant stage. We’ll see. I’m hopeful!

Just wanted to give a quick update on my Bubba Kush babies. Once I figured out what nutrients were missing, and got the watering under control things are going along very well. Thank you (all of you) for giving me some tips and reassuring me that I was NOT killing my babies. Peace be with you!

Looking great glad u figured it out

Thank you!