Leaves are yellow and droopy

Why are my leaves so yellow? It’s grown in coco. Please help. Obviously they are not the cotyledons leaves, I water with pH 6.0 rainwater, I’m also growing with General Hydrponics FluoroDuo A and B, along with Calimagic and Root starter mixed to either 1/4-1/2 strength. I did find a thrip problem and am in the process of taking care of it, but I don’t think this is thrip damage. Please help.

Looks too wet.

Don’t feed seedlings, they don’t need it.
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@Paranorman, it has its 4th leaf node in there, therefore is now entering vegitative, the problem could be because it’s started a deficiency. @Pad_Lock, you should only be using 1/4 tsp of the flora gro it’s potent stuff. And your ph since your using Coco should be 5.3-5.8, 6.0 is a wee bit high, as coco is considered “hydro”. For optimal growth I think it’d be best to get it around 5.7 and mix some (1 tsp) CaMg with the flora gro to help prevent a lockout of calcium and magnesium, as it does look like your starting to get the calcium magnesium deficiency already.

@Paranorman you can feed seedlings and cuttings with flora gro only 1/4 tsp per gallon of water though

Yes I have that very brand and I realize that that’s their recommendations however I disagree I would never feed a plant that small it doesn’t need it in my opinion

I totally respect your opinion, I start feeding once they have their 9th node beggining, but coco has no additional nutrients in it like miracle grow moisture control soil, therefore you have to start feeding early to help make up the lack of nutrients the coco coir doesn’t have


I reread that it was in coco and I was coming back to say just that, I have never use coco (and I never would) but in ffof I didn’t start feeding at all until five or six weeks and then I started at 25%

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Yea that makes total sence though lmao, ffof has maybe a little more nutrients in the soil than miracle grow if not the same, so that they are able to go their first 4-6 weeks with out their first feeding, it makes perfect sence why you don’t have to feed as early, and i use it to sprout my seeds I use again the miracle grow moisture control “soil” which is coco that is specially formulated for cuttings and seeds other than that I do not use coco lol


Majic I don’t want to step on this thread but I wanted to add first I know it’s a personal thing with the nutrients. I figure it if it doesn’t need it it doesn’t get it … keeps it simple & safe!

But with Fox Farm ocean Forest I’ve noticed that it needs Cal Mag long before it needs anything else (leaf tips & few small brown spots here and there), but I’m lovin’ the stuff!

Regarding Coco coir, I’m a Hydroton fan, with less than 10% vermiculite added. I will never use anything else. With coco I see many people having Cal Mag issues, but I realize we all have our favs


Yea agree last thing CaMg or a ph problem, are most common in coco but hey if it works it works right lol

May I ask how to tell 4th leaf node? Or what is considered a node? Thank you kindly

For example when a plant sprouts and has embryonic leaves and the first true leaves, those first true leaves are the first leaf node.
(A new leaf node is a new set of leaves growing in). Or for better example your plant has 4 sets of leaves in it, which each set of leaves is considered a node, and when the 5th set grows in you’ll have a 5th leaf node

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Think of a tall building, first floor, second floor and so on.

Same thing happen to my seedlings in coco just gave them ones water for first three weeks then I noticed they were yellowing so I watered with cal mag and they bounced back


Thank you I will try this

So I performed a “slurry test” and it came out 7.1-7.2 so I pH’d to 5.8 and flushed it. Today I pH’d filtered water and added Cal-Mag. do you think this will solve the problem? I will upload a couple more pics.

Another pic

If it doesn’t start to straighten up add some thing with nitrogen potassium and phosphorus

Do you have any suggestions? I’m currently using Fluoro Duo A&B General Hydroponics

I use flora gro to that will be fine

will try tomorrow. thanks