Leaves are “wavy” need opinions

First off coco coir perlite mix General hydroponics trio and CaliMagic. 5ml of CaliMagic 1-0-0 every watering. Nutrients using the schedule attached below with adjusted ec. On day 15 now and last 2 days feeding had been EC1.0

Ph range 5.8-6.3

I water once daily about 2-1/2 cups, 20/4, spider farmers sf2000. Tent temp is 73*-77* during light cycle and 68*-72* during dark cycle

My 3 thoughts were wind burn, heat/light issues, or early cal-mag issues. They are growing strong but I’m worried about future development. Let me know what you guys think and thank you in advance. I enjoy encountering issues and solving them but experienced advice is always welcomed.

Look fine. Probably just a little extra nutrients from the soil.


I see nothing to worry about. Keep your TDS in that range: I wouldn’t go over 1.3 EC at peak veg or peak flower.


Yeah, looks fine.

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@Hellraiser your plants looks nice I like the looks of your soil to leaves are wavy I think it’s fine don’t worry about till later in vegg really play close attention to it

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Will do I was worried about under feeding being in coco and the plants looked liked they enjoyed the nutrient bump growth wise. I was just curious as to why the “wave” on the leave side forms. I’m definitely being mindful of my EC intake and runoff

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I’ll bet I could poll 100 growers on here and they won’t be able to remember more than one or two growers with under feeding problems. It’s always over feeding.

I’m in peak flower now and my EC is at 1.3 (about 800 ppm) in coco. Plant is ridiculously happy.

Yesterday out for sun.