Leaves are splitting / burning

I’m new and on my third grow. I am on week 4 of the flowering stage. I have a strange issue of my fan leaves looking cut or disintegrating with burnt edges. I think it may be a result of the super soil being too much of my mix. The buds are fattening up pretty well but i am concerned. Can you please offer your opinion?

I’ve used my Carson microscope and have no bug problem on the plants. (But i’m amazed at the number of little buggers that are on my yellow sticky cards)

Strain = 4 plants Cheese Auto from Royal Seeds

1: Medium is Soil in 5 gallon smart pots. Super Soil in the bottom 1/3 of the pot, topped with 1/3 mix of super soil and roots organic soil, topped off with 1/3 FF Coco Loco.

  1. System type is Indoor Tents (4 x 4 x 7) Air conditioned room with tent fan exhaust system.

  2. Using rain water with 6.5 PH and 500 ppm. I’m not doing a runoff ph check because I’m using super soil.

  3. Indoor grow in tents.

  4. Light system: My vegetative tent is 2 x 4 x 6 feet. My Flowering tent is 4 x 4 x 7 feet. For Vegetative I am using a 600 watt Vipar-Spectra LED. The Vegetative tent is on an 18/6 light cycle
    My flowering tent has a Mars Hydro 1000 watt LED and a 300 watt Hydro Galaxy LED. Flowering tent is on a 12/12 to induce flowering even though i am growing auto flowers.

  5. Temperature is a constant 70 degrees with humidity of 67 %.

  6. Ventilation system; Yes there is an inside fan to exhaust heat and circulate air in the tent.

  7. No dehumidifier, but the air con system keeps us at 67%. according to the meter in the grow tent.

  8. No CO2

Two things before any diagnosis. a picture under normal light is needed. The colors around the problems might help diagnose it.

Just because you have super soil, you will need to check run-off once she is big enough to soak the whole pot. Even with a super soil, individual plants may need more or less of something, and checking the run-off is a way to keep things in check. Also the pH monitoring aspect. If you religiously put pH “x” water in, but don’t know what is coming out, you won’t know if you need to adjust the pH of your input.

As a guess only it appears you went straight into the supersoil, or maybe even sprouted it in there. If so it may be way to hot for the plant nute-wise. Plants don’t need much feeding at all until they reach about the size your plant is. If she has been inundated from day 1, that is likely the issue. Not sure on the fix though, I’ll let a pro help better.

Thank you. I’ll check the runoff PH.