Leaves are spiraling

Some of my new growth are spiraling. What’s the reason. Top leaves are bright yellow

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What stage are they in? If they are spiraling like swirling it means they are going back and forth on light schedule. If I have one in flower and it starts swirling it’s because of a light leak.

The new growth is always a little lighter color. It would be interesting to see a picture of what you’re talking about spiraling. Thanks good luck

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Yup lets see photos… myriad of reasons why. Pics would help narrow it… could be heat. Could be N toxicity. Could be pH. Could just be genetics

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3rd week of flowering

Stems of the fan leaves are purple

I’ve had it occur in flowering before. It was because I would be on 12/12 and for whatever reason I’d leave a flap up on the tent or forget to zip the tent all the way and it would be getting more than 12 and then I’d seal the tent up a couple days and it would spiral or look swirled like it was being flushed.

Purple petioles are pretty normal when using leds. I’m not quite sure what’s going on with your leaves though. Do you have any pictures in normal lighting?

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Looking at the pictures I do see the leaves you are concerned about. Don’t look like all the plants have that issue. Overall plants look good. If you have not already checked. My first thoughts would be check the pH runoff on that particular plant.